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Who Funds OHCHR?

In 2015, OHCHR has received a total of US$124 million in voluntary contributions as of 23 December 2015.

Voluntary contributions to OHCHR in 2015

2014 and previous years

In 2014, OHCHR received a total of $123.7 million in voluntary contributions (detailed information and figures are presented in the OHCHR Report 2014 officially launched by the High Commissioner on 28 May 2015). As in previous years, the overwhelming majority of voluntary contributions came from Member States, which provided a total of US$106.6 million, or 86.2 per cent of all contributions. International organizations, including the European Commission and UN partners, contributed a further US$16.7 million, or 13.5 per cent of all contributions.

Voluntary contributions to OHCHR in 2014

In 2013, OHCHR received a total of US$121.2 million in voluntary contributions [see Funding section of OHCHR Annual Report 2013 for more details].

The following table provides an overview of total voluntary contributions to OHCHR received by donor over 2008-2014 (by donor category and in alphabetical order): Voluntary contributions to OHCHR 2008-2014 (in alphabetical order).

More details on the donors to OHCHR can be found through the Donor Profiles included at the end of the yearly OHCHR Report.