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Who Funds OHCHR?

In 2014, OHCHR has received a total of US$58.9 million in voluntary contributions as of 18 June.

Voluntary contributions to OHCHR in 2014

2013 and previous years

In 2013, OHCHR received a total of US$121.2 million in voluntary contributions [see Funding section of OHCHR Annual Report 2013 for more details]. As in previous years, the overwhelming majority of voluntary contributions came from Member States, which provided a total of US$101.3 million, or 83.5 per cent of all contributions. International organizations, including the European Commission and UN partners, contributed a further US$19.6 million, or 16.2 per cent of all contributions.

The following table provides an overview of total voluntary contributions to OHCHR received by donor over 2008-2013 (by donor category and in alphabetical order): Voluntary contributions to OHCHR 2008-2013 (in alphabetical order).