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OHCHR report 2013 OHCHR Report 2013
OHCHR Management Plan 2014-2017 OHCHR Management Plan 2014-2017
Brochure: Human Rights in action Human Rights in Action (PDF)
Working with the United Nations Human Rights Programme: A Handbook for Civil Society A Handbook for Civil Society (PDF)

Human Rights by Country

ENACA Region MENA Region AFRICA Region ASIA Region LAC Region Human Rights by Country

Member States of the United Nations (and the dates on which
they joined the Organization)

Africa Region
Americas Region
Asia Pacific Region
Europe, North America and Central Asia Region
Middle East and North Africa Region

Non-Member States of the United Nations

Europe, North America and Central Asia Region
Middle East and North Africa Region

Contact Information

Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division
Geneva, Switzerland

Africa Section 
Tel. +41 22 928 9694
Geneva, Switzerland

Middle East and North Africa Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9153
Geneva, Switzerland

Asia Pacific Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9650
Geneva, Switzerland

Europe and Central Asia Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9291
Geneva, Switzerland

Americas Section
Tel. + 41 22 928 9167
Geneva, Switzerland

Peace Missions Support and Rapid Response Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9166
Geneva, Switzerland

National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9467
Geneva, Switzerland

Coordinator Voluntary Fund for
Technical Co-operation
Tel. +41 22 928 9287
Geneva, Switzerland

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