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A total of 104 experts have served as members of the Committee since 1982.

The officers of the Committee consist of a Chairperson, three Vice-Chairpersons and a Rapporteur. Office-bearers serve for two year terms and are eligible for re-election “provided that the principle of rotation is upheld”.

Membership of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, As of 1 January 2013 and up to 31 December 2016

Name of Member
Term expires on 31 December
Ms. Ayse Feride Acar Turkey 31.12.2014
Ms. Bakhita Mohammed Al-Dosari* Qatar 31.12.2016
Ms. Nicole Ameline (Chairperson) France 31.12.2016
Ms. Barbara Evelyn Bailey (Rapporteur) Jamaica 31.12.2016
Ms. Olinda Bareiro-Bobadilla Paraguay 31.12.2014
Ms. Meriem Belmihoub-Zerdani Algeria 31.12.2014
Mr. Niklas Bruun Finland 31.12.2016
Ms. Naéla Gabr Egypt 31.12.2014
Ms. Hilary Gbedemah Ghana 31.12.2016
Ms. Nahla Haidar Lebanon 31.12.2016
Ms. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari Israel 31.12.2014
Ms. Yoko Hayashi Japan 31.12.2014
Ms. Ismat Jahan (Vice-Chair) Bangladesh 31.12.2014
Ms. Dalia Leinarte Lithuania 31.12.2016
Ms. Violeta Neubauer (Vice-Chair) Slovenia 31.12.2014
Ms. Theodora Oby Nwankwo Nigeria 31.12.2016
Ms. Pramila Patten (Vice-Chair) Mauritius 31.12.2014
Ms. Silvia Pimentel Brazil 31.12.2016
Ms. Maria Helena Lopes de Jesus Pires Timor Leste 31.12.2014
Ms. Biancamaria Pomeranzi Italy 31.12.2016
Ms. Patricia Schulz Switzerland 31.12.2014
Ms. Dubravka Šimonović Croatia 31.12.2014
Ms. Xiaoqiao Zou China 31.12.2016

* On 4 November 2014, Ms. Bakhita Mohammed Al-Dosari was appointed to serve as a member of the Committee for the remainder of the term of Noor Al-Jehani (i.e. until 31 December 2016) who had resigned from the Committee on 2 September 2014.

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