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Committee on the Rights of Persons with disabilities 11th session,
31 March – 11 April 2014, Palais Wilson, Ground Floor Conference Room

Note on National Human Rights Institutions Participation
What is a UN human rights treaty body? - http://goo.gl/5qmti
I. Consideration of Country Reports
At its forthcoming 11th session and 12th Pre-Sessional Working Group meetings in April 2014, the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will examine, in public meeting, the reports of the following countries on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

- Sweden
- Azerbaijan
- Costa Rica

During this period, the Committee will in private sessions, adopt lists of issues on the following countries:

Germany; New Zealand; Mexico; Republic of Korea; Belgium; Denmark; Ecuador.  
II. Documentation
The reports of countries, the provisional agenda and other documents for the session are available at:

III. Reports by National Human Rights Institutions
National Human Rights Institutions, including those designated by their State Party, in accordance with Article 33 (2) of the Convention, to promote, protect and monitor implementation of the Convention shall comply with the Paris Principles, and provide for the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in their work, as required by Art. 33 (3) of the Convention.  The Committee welcomes National Human Rights Institutions to provide country-specific information on issues relevant to the implementation of the Convention in the months prior to the adoption of the LOIs or prior to the examination of the State party’s report.  All submissions should:

  • Identify the full name of the institution.
  • Indicate the country to which the information relates.
  • Indicate whether or not the submission can be posted on the Committee website. All submissions will be posted on the Committee’s Website unless identified as “Confidential”.
  • Be submitted in one of the languages of the Secretariat - in English, French or Spanish.
  • Submissions of documents in Braille are encouraged


  • Written information should be concise, specific, reliable and objective as possible.
  • Highlight priority concerns and suggest possible country-specific recommendations to facilitate the work of the Committee.
  • "Alternative reports," which follow the same form of presentation as reports submitted by countries, are especially welcome.


  • Sweden, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica –  28 February 2014  (Electronic version)
  • New Zealand;  Mexico;  Republic of Korea;  Belgium;  Denmark;  Ecuador;  Germany –  28 February 2014  (Electronic version)

Strict respect for those deadlines only will ensure the Committee’s attention to the submitted documents.

Due to the large volume of information received, the Secretariat does not photocopy submissions.
For accessibility purposes the information/report shall be electronically submitted to the CRPD secretariat in both PDF and Word 97/2003 formats: crpd@ohchr.org

IV. Attending the Session
National Human Rights Institutions representatives wishing to attend the session of the Committee are required to be duly accredited, and are also welcome to attend public (open) meetings of the Committee as observers (i.e. they will not be given the opportunity to address the Committee) during its meetings with country delegations.

Formal Meetings
During the forthcoming 11th session NHRIs representatives will have the possibility of addressing the Committee separately from the State party’s delegation and NGOs during formal (with interpretation) meetings allocated to them upon request and prior to the examination of the State Party’s report.  The Committee will include such a time allocation in the provisional agenda of the session.  Please contact the Secretariat (jaraya@ohchr.org) well in advance of the session to request a formal briefing with the members. 

NHRIs that have submitted written information but are unable to come to Geneva to attend the session may contact the Geneva Representative of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) of NHRIs.  The ICC Representative is available to represent NHRIs before the country rapporteurs and deliver statements at the Committee sessions on behalf of "A status" NHRIs.  NHRIs may contact the National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms section of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for further information (see contacts below).


The United Nations is committed to making its conferences as accessible as possible to persons with disabilities.  If you have a disability and may require reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the meetings, please contact the Secretariat (jaraya@ohchr.org) well in advance of the session.  The Secretariat will assess requests on a case-by-case basis and within existing resources.

V. Accreditation
Please complete the online accreditation form for the 11th session by  15 March 2014by accessing the OHCHR website, sign and send it by fax to +41-22-917 9008, or by e-mail to crpd@ohchr.org.

All participants are responsible for making their own arrangements relating to travel and accommodations as well as visas to enter Switzerland.
VI. Additional Competence of the Committee

Under the Optional Protocol to the Convention, the Committee is given additional competences, namely:

  • to receive and consider individual communications from or on behalf of individuals or groups of individuals claiming that their rights under the Convention have been violated.  Communications are only received when they concern a State Party to the Optional Protocol.  All individual complaints should be sent to : TB-petitions@ohchr.org and registry@ohchr.org
  • to conduct inquiries, including visits to the State Party concerned, in cases of reliable information indicating grave or systematic violations of the rights established under the Convention in the State Party. All information should be sent to:  crpd@ohchr.org and registry@ohchr.org

VII. Additional Information
NHRIs have clearly defined roles and opportunities to participate in the international human rights system and to follow-up to results and recommendations at the national level. The following link contains a short guidance notes for NHRIs stipulating their role with the United Nations human rights treaty bodies (HRI/MC/2007/3, 7 February 2007, in E F S);

For more detailed information on National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) interaction with the UN Treaty Body System read the NHRI information note:  (NHRIs and Treaty Bodies Information Note, in E, F, S, A)

Contact information: 

Secretariat of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Tel. +41.22.917.90.00
Fax. +41.22.917.90.08
Email: crpd@ohchr.org
Mailing address : UNOG-OHCHR, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Visiting address:  Palais Wilson, 52 rue des Pâquis, CH-1201, Geneva, Switzerland

Email addresses:

National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms Section

Tel. +41 22 928 9467 or +41 22 928 89416
Fax: +41 22 928 9018.
Email: Lsekaggya@ohchr.org

Contacts of ICC Geneva Representative
Ms Katharina Rose
Email:  K.rose@europe.com

Country-specific information