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Preparation of studies

In order to produce its studies, the Committee usually forms drafting groups consisting of 4-5 members from various regional groups. The drafting group members work closely with each other through face-to-face meetings and internet communication.

Studies are then presented to the plenary of the Committee for successive rounds of discussion and revision. Drafting groups normally present a preliminary report and a progress report before submitting a final study to the Council.

Interaction with various stakeholders

The normal course of action followed in the preparation of studies includes seeking comments and advice from stakeholders, i.e. member States, international organizations, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations through questionnaires.

Member States, civil society organizations and national human rights institutions also participate in the deliberations of the Committee.

At its thirteenth session in August 2014, the Committee decided to hold private meetings in the framework of each of its session with: non-governmental organizations and civil society representatives; the Human Rights Council Bureau and the regional and political coordinators. The Committee also decided to continue its practice of resorting to expertise, such as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, non-governmental organizations, academics and other relevant stakeholders, in order to inform the Advisory Committee’s deliberations and work.

Annual report and interactive dialogue

The Chair of the Committee presents the annual report to the Council’s September session. This is followed by an interactive dialogue with States and NGOs.

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