Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea


The Report

Report of the commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea -­ A/HRC/29/42

28 pages

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Report of the detailed findings of the
commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea -­ A/HRC/29/CRP.1

484 pages

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Chapter I and II - Intro, mandate, methodology and legal framework
Chapter III - Historical background
Chapter IV - Current context
Chapter V - Institutional and domestic legal framework
Chapter VI - Findings of the Commission
Chapter VII - Conclusions and recommendations

Media Outreach

Press Release: UN Inquiry reports gross human rights violations in Eritrea


Statement at Press Conference:  By Commission member and Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Eritrea, Sheila B. Keetharuth



Press Conference:  By Commission member, 8 June 2015 English

Fact Sheet on the Commission of Inquiry on human rights in Eritrea


For further information about the Commission of Inquiry, please contact:

Ron Redmond: coieritreaconsultant@ohchr.org
Rolando Gómez: +41 22 917 9711, rgomez@ohchr.org
Cédric Sapey: +41 22 917 9695, csapey@ohchr.org

Background information

Biographies of the Commissioners: Mike Smith (Chair)
Sheila B. Keetharuth
Victor Dankwa
HRC Resolution establishing the Commission and its mandate English

Satellite images

Satellite images of Sawa, Wi’a and Mai Serwa provided by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research’s Operational Satellite Applications Programme UNOSAT -­ 3 June 2015

Download complete set as a PDF or click images below for individual PNG files.

Sawa Military Camp, 6th Brigade Prison, Eritrea, 2 April 2015Sawa Military Camp Overview Map6th Brigade and Enda Safa Prisons at Sawa - 3 April 2015 and 2 September 2005
Enda Safa Detention Facility at Sawa - 3 April 2015 and 2 September 2005Wi'a Military Training Camp and Detention Facilities - 9 March 2015Wi'a Military Training Camp and Detention Facilities - 9 March 2015
Wi'a Change Detection - 9 March 2015 and 28 December 2010Mai Serwa Detention Facilities Overview Map - 26 May 2015Mai Serwa Detention Facility - 26 May 2015 and 31 July 2010

Map of Eritrea


Graphic illustrations

Drawings provided to the Commission of Inquiry by an Eritrean torture survivor and published with permission of the artist.

Download complete set as a Word document or click image below for individual files.

Helicopter - © 2015  Eritrean torture survivor

Helicopter - © 2015 Eritrean torture survivor

Otto - © 2015  Eritrean torture survivor

Almaz - © 2015 Eritrean torture survivor

Torch - © 2015  Eritrean torture survivor

Ferro - Drawn by another artist - © 2015  UN/OHCHR

Detainees relieving themselves - © 2015  Eritrean torture survivor