Forum on Minority Issues 

Minority youth: towards diverse and inclusive societies - Tenth session of the Forum on Minority Issues

Dates: 30 November and 1 December 2017
Venue: Room XX of the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

New: Registration is now open until 22 November 2017 ! Follow this link to go to the registration website.

Click here for the invitation letter to the 10th Forum on Minority Issues


The nomination process for the chairperson of the 10th session of the Forum on Minority Issues is now closed. The name of the chairperson will be announced on this page, once the President of the Human Rights Council has proceeded to the appointment.

Fact sheet on the Forum on Minority Issues

This fact sheet provides practical and substantial information on how to participate to the Forum. This year, we are hoping for the young generation to be present, take part in the discussions and provide concrete recommendations to be endorsed by the Forum.

Topic and discussion

The topic of the 10th session is Minority youth: towards inclusive and diverse societies.

This year the Forum discussions will focus on finding concrete measures and recommendations for minority youth in four main thematic areas: how can we ensure they do not suffer discrimination when accessing and pursuing education? How can we guarantee that they have a meaningful opportunity to participate in cultural and political life in their country and do not suffer multiple forms of discrimination due to their age and minority origin?  How can young minority people be better supported in expressing themselves and promoting their identity through minority-led media initiatives? Finally, how can we convince the world that sustainable peace and stability can only be achieved via a meaningful participation of young minorities?


The Agenda will be available on this page early October, and will help participants to prepare for the session.


If you would like to contribute to the recommendations of the Forum - whether you can attend the session in Geneva or not- you can send a written proposal of recommendations you would like to see included in the final document to be presented to the Human Rights Council at its 37th session. You can send your proposals to: minorityforum@ohchr.org

Preparation day

Participants registering for the Forum will receive an accreditation valid from Wednesday 29 November, so they can attend the Forum preparation day consisting of:

2-4 pm - Room XII - a private consultation between Civil Society and the Special Rapporteur on minority issues

4:30-6 pm - Room XII - a welcoming briefing for all participants to the Forum

Additionally, civil society participants are invited to attend a thematic discussion with the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination to take place on the same day in Palais des Nations from 3pm until 6pm. More information will be made available at this page.

Practical information

Participants travelling to Geneva may wish to print out the following practical information, available in English, Spanish and French.