22nd regular session of the Human Rights Council (25 February - 22 March 2013)



Annotations to the agenda (A/HRC/22/1): Arabic - Chinese - English - French - Russian - Spanish
Corrigendum to annotations (A/HRC/22/Corr.1): English only
Programme of Work for Human Rights Council 22nd session (provisional; subject to change): English and French
List of reports for the 22nd session of the Human Rights Council
Annual calendar of thematic resolutions (by HRC session)
List of themes and countries to be discussed at 22nd session (per reports submitted)
NGO parallel events calendar

Report of Commission of Inquiry on Syria - A/HRC/22/59
5 February 2013 - English  Arabic and Spanish
Corrigendum - English and Arabic 


Statement of High Commissioner for Human Rights to the 22nd session of Human Rights Council, 25 February 2013


The online registration system for the list of speakers for States for the High-Level Panel on Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action ( 25 February from 12.15 to 3 p.m.) and the High-Level Panel on Human Rights Mainstreaming (1 March from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) will be activated at 3 p.m. (Geneva time) on Friday 22 February 2013. Interested delegations are kindly invited to proceed to the on-line inscription through the following link:


The list of speakers will be closed approximately 15 minutes after the beginning of each panel.

High-level panel on Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

High-level panel on human rights mainstreaming

Annual discussion on human rights and persons with disabilities

Annual full-day meeting on the rights of the child (part I and part II)

Panel on the impact of corruption on human rights

Annual thematic discussion on technical cooperation 

Access to the HRC Extranet

The Extranet includes information on daily updates, draft documentation, copies of oral statements as delivered by States and other stakeholders, and draft resolutions, etc.
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Combating child sex tourism
By 2030 the number of international tourists will reach an estimated 1.8 billion. Tourism, however, has a dark side and can be a potential vehicle for child abuse. Child sex tourism (CST) is a growing trend affecting millions of children around the globe.
A move to raise a healthier generation of kids
Human rights and health experts participated in an interactive dialogue on the challenges in achieving the full realization of the right of the child to health during the full-day meeting on the Rights of the Child.
Mistreatment in healthcare settings: when a carer becomes a torturer
The Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan Méndez, analyses forms of abuse in healthcare settings which could constitute torture.