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Newsletter of the Human Rights Treaties Division

Latest Newsletter of the Human Rights Treaties Division

The Newsletter of the Human Rights Treaties Division is a quarterly publication on the latest developments and activities of the UN human rights treaty bodies.

It provides in-depth analysis and specific highlights on the work and output of UN treaty bodies and includes interviews with treaty body experts, news stories on treaty body-related events carried out by OHCHR and other UN entities around the world.

As such, the Newsletter aims at providing a useful and informative tool for all interested in keeping abreast and learning more about the work and impact of UN human rights treaty bodies.



  • HRTD Newsletter no. 24, July to September 2014 [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no. 23, April to June 2014 [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no. 22, January to March 2014 [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no. 21, July to October 2013 [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no. 19-20, January to June 2013 [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no. 18, October to December 2012 [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no. 16-17, April to September 2012 [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no.15, January to March 2012 [Word] [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no.14, October to December 2011 [Word] [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no.13, July to September 2011 [Word] [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no.12, April to June 2011 [Word] [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no.11, January to March 2011 [Word] [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no.10, October-December 2010 [Word] [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no.9, July-September 2010 [PDF]
  • HRTD Newsletter no.8, April-June 2010 [PDF]