Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings of special rapporteurs, independent experts and chairpersons of working groups of the Special Procedures of the Commission on Human Rights and Human Rights Council have been organized since 1994. The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action adopted by the World Conference on Human Rights underlined the importance of preserving and strengthening the system of Special Procedures and specified that the procedures and mechanisms should be enabled to harmonize and rationalize their work through periodic meetings (Part II, para. 95).

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was requested to organize periodic meetings of the Special Procedures by the Commission and Council (by CHR resolution 2004/76, as extended by HRC decision 2/102).

The Annual Meeting offers mandate-holders the opportunity to discuss issues of common interest, coordinate their work and meet with a range of stakeholders, including States and civil society organisations.

In 2015, the Annual Meeting will be held from from 8 to 12 June in Geneva. The exchange with civil society is scheduled for 10 June 2015 (15.30-18.00) in room 21, Palais des Nations, and will focus on the Special Procedures communications procedure. The discussion is intended to explore ways of making the procedure more efficient and effective, including in terms of enhancing its visibility and accessibility to victims and their representatives, and follow-up to communications. 

Civil society organisations are invited to submit any information or points for consideration by the Special Procedures by 30 May 2015, which will serve to inform the discussions. Submissions can be sent to fdonati@ohchr.org.

Annual Meetings: