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Background documents

- Human Rights Council decision OM/7/101: Non-cooperation of a State under review with the universal periodic review mechanism - 29 January 2013
  A  C  E  F  R  S

- Human Rights Council decision 17/119: Follow-up to the Human Rights Council resolution 16/21 with regard to the universal periodic review - 19 July 2011

- Human Rights Council resolution 16/21: Review of the work and functioning of the Human Rights Council - 12 April 2011
  E F S A C R

- General Assembly resolution 60/251 establishing the Human Rights Council – 15 March 2006
  A  C  E  F  R  S

- Institution-building of the United Nations Human Rights Council  - Resolution 5/1 –  18 June 2006
  A  C  E  F  R  S

- Universal Periodic Review -  Decision 6/102 – 27 September 2007
  A  C  E  F  R  S

- Establishment of funds for the universal periodic review mechanism of the Human Rights Council Resolution 6/17 – 28 September 2007
   A  C  E  F  R  S

- Modalities and practices for the universal periodic review process PRST/8/1 – 9 April 2008  
  E only

- Follow-up to President’s statement 8/1 PRST/9/2 – 24 September 2008
  E only

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