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Contributions for the Summary of Stakeholder's information

The views and/or opinions expressed in the contributions listed below are those of the contributing organizations and do not reflect in any way the views and/or opinions of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.


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Background documents

 NHRC - National Human Rights Commission  E

Civil Society

Name of organization


Background documents

ACJP - Ambedkar Center for Justice and Peace   E 
AI - Amnesty International E
ALRC - Asian Legal Resource Centre E 1, 2
CHRI - Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative E
CRIN - Child Rights Information Network E
CRY - Childs Rights and You E
CSW - Christian Solidarity Worldwide E
ERI - Edmond Rice International E
ERT - Equal Rights Trust E
GIEACPC - Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children E
HAQ Centre for Child Rights E
HRW - Human Rights Watch E
ICJ - International Commission of Jurists E
IDMC - Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre of the Norwegian Refugee Council E
IFJ-HRFJK - International Forum for Justice and Human Rights Forum J and K E
IHRB - Institute for Human Rights and Busines E
IIPJHR - International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human Rights F
JS1 - Joint submission E
JS2 - Joint submission E 1, 2
JS3 - Joint submission E
JS4 - Joint submission E
JS5 - Joint submission E
JS6 - Joint submission E
JS7 - Joint submission E
JS8 - Joint submission E
JS9 - Joint submission E
JS10 - Joint submission E
JS11 - Joint submission E
JS12 - Joint submission E
JS13 - Joint submission E
JS14 - Joint submission E
JS15 - Joint submission E
JS16 - Joint submission E 1
JS17 - Joint submission E 1
JS18 - Joint submission E
JS19 - Joint submission E
JS20 - Joint submission E
JS21 - Joint submission E
JS22 - Joint submission E
JW - European Association of Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses E
KIIR - Kashmir Institute of International Relations E
LWF - Lutheran World Federation E
NDN - National Disability Network E
OFMI - Organization for Minorities of India E
OGMA - Odisha Goi Mukti Andolan E
PCI - Pax Christi International E
PVCHR - Peoples Vigilance Committee on Human Rights   E   
UNMM - United NGOs Mission Manipur E
WGHR - Working Group  on Human Rights in India and the UN comprising of Action Aid in India E
WV - World vision E
ZIF - Zo Indigenous Forum E




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