Invitation to civil society participants at the Regional Forum

Dialogue on patterns of business-related human rights impacts and options for effective prevention, accountability and access to remedy in Latin America and the Caribbean – Medellín, 27 August, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm

The United Nations Working Group (UNWG) on business and human rights has the pleasure of extending an invitation to all 2013 Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights civil society participants, including representatives of Indigenous Peoples and ethnic minorities, to participate in an open dialogue on the human rights impacts of business in the region, and what the UN Guiding Principles might provide to achieve effective prevention, accountability and access to remedy.

This space for dialogue with key civil society stakeholders, hosted by the UNWG, will be held at La Universidad San Buenaventura de Medellín, on 27 August, from 1pm to 4pm (1:00 pm to-1:30pm for arrivals).

Participants will be invited to present and discuss cases of adverse business-related impacts across the region, provide examples of successful strategies to prevent adverse impacts that could be applied to other situations that may be worth replicating, and supply examples of solutions to addressing adverse impacts and challenges of obtaining remedy and justice. Examples of cases of crimes where extraterritorial measures have been applied (either with or without success) are also welcome, as are reflections on how the United Nations Guiding Principles may provide solutions and fit within the broader system of oversight and monitoring of government and business accountability for business-related human rights abuses. Accountability mechanisms can include instruments such as contractual binding requirements, market disincentives and incentives, access to membership in multi-stakeholder initiatives or self-regulation, administrative or legal obligations under domestic regulation, extra-territorial application of the law, transparency mechanisms, peer review and learning fora.

The inputs by participants will be used by the United Nations Working Group to inform discussions during the three days of the Regional Forum. The input will also inform the work of the Working Group in relation to their mandate of promoting the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights on a global scale, with the ultimate aim of contributing to preventing and addressing business-related human rights impact.

Participants are strongly encouraged to limit their speaking time to maximum 3-5 minutes in order to allow sufficient time for all participants wishing to speak to take the floor, as well as to allow for exchanges between the participants and the Working Group members. In order to provide a “safe space” for participants to speak freely, the meeting is open to civil society representatives only, and there will be no recording or meeting report attributing names to the interventions made during the dialogue.

The discussions will be chaired by Mr. Marco Romero, Director of the Consultoría para los Derechos Humanos (Codhes) and conducted in Spanish. There will be no interpretation to other languages.

Please register by sending an email to Ms. Claudia Quiroga at

Venue: Universidad de San Buenaventura Medellín (San Benito) carrera 56c n 51 - 110 Auditorio Fray Arturo Calle Restrepo, tel +57 4 5145600

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