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Issues in focus - Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

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Symbol number
2009 ▪ Rights of persons deprived of their liberty
▪ Detentions in the framework of measures countering terrorism
▪ Arbitrary detention and corruption
▪ Detention of immigrants in irregular situations
▪ Video and audio recording of criminal interrogations
2008 ▪ Detention of non-citizens
▪ Groups in detention which are susceptible to sexual abuse
▪ Detention in the context of counter-terrorism measures and states of emergency
▪ Detention registries and powers to release prisoners
2007 ▪ Legal Opinion on preventing arbitrary detention in the context of international transfer of detainees, particularly in countering terrorism
▪ Overview of the penitentiary systems and the conditions of detention of detainees

▪ Deliberation no. 8 on deprivation of liberty linked to/resulting from the use of the internet
▪ Secret prisons
▪ Over-incarceration


▪ Deliberation no. 7 on issues related to psychiatric detention
▪ Developments concerning deprivation of liberty as a measure in countering terrorism
▪ Hostage-taking and arbitrary detention
▪ The negative impact on the right to defence of inadequate conditions of detention


▪ Detention in the context of the fight against terrorism
▪ Discrimination
▪ Deprivation of liberty of vulnerable persons
▪ Pre-trial detention
▪ Deprivation of liberty linked to the use of the Internet



▪ Legal Analysis of allegations of detention ordered by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
▪ Legal Opinion regarding the deprivation of liberty of persons detained in Guantanamo Bay
▪ The use of detention as a means of protecting victims
▪ Regarding the arbitrary nature- on the grounds of discrimination- of detention motivated by sexual orientation



▪ Imprisonment related to insolvency
▪ Detention as a means of protecting victims


▪ Deliberation No. 6. Legal analysis of allegations against the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
▪ Arrest and detention for dissemination of "State secrets"
▪Detention of conscientious objectors
▪Issues relating to extradition




▪ Deliberation No. 5 concerning the situation regarding immigrants and asylum-seekers
▪ Protection of human rights defenders
▪ The excesses of military justice
▪The abuse of state of emergency




▪ Situation regarding Immigrants and asylum seekers
▪ Military justice



Situations regarding immigrants and asylum seekers



▪ Applicability of provisions of Conventions on human rights to States that are not party to them
▪ Interpretation of the term "detention" in relation to the scope of the Working Group's mandate
▪ Analysis of positions adopted by the Commission on Human Rights
▪ Implications of limiting the Group's mandate to pre-trial detention only: historical background


1996 ▪ On causes of arbitrary detention
1993 ▪ Deliberation no. 4 on rehabilitation though labour
▪ Deliberation no. 1 on house arrest

(The two other deliberations contained in the report were adopted in response to specific questions which had been put forward by a Government concerning the Working Group’s criteria and methods of work).