Human Rights Case Against Corruption pamphlet in PDFHuman Rights Case Against Corruption

OHCHR’s pamphlet, The human rights case against corruption, briefly outlines the case against corruption from a human rights perspective. It explores the nexus between the promotion and protection of human rights and corruption, including through discussion of relevant human rights standards and mechanisms. It includes a list of key reference materials on human rights and corruption, several of which are directly included in the text. By doing so, the pamphlet provides a basic foundation for rights-based advocacy against corruption for those with an interest in fighting the negative impacts of corruption on the enjoyment of all human rights including the right to development.

Good Governance Practices for the Protection of Human RightsGood Governance Practices for the Protection of Human Rights (HR/PUB/07/4)
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This publication aims to help fill the gap between human rights standards and principles, on the one hand, and their implementation through governance interventions, on the other. By presenting innovative efforts from around the world to design and carry out governance reforms and protect human rights, this publication attempts to show how governance can be reformed to contribute to the protection of human rights. The hope is also that, in so doing, this publication will inspire reformers, including governments, human rights activists, development practitioners, national human rights commissions and national civil society organizations.