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Freedom of Opinion and Expression - Country visits

On-site visits are an essential component of the Special Rapporteur’s mandate in order to assess in greater detail the state of protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression and, where appropriate, to make recommendations for its improvement. 


To access the reports in all the official languages, please copy the relevant document code, click on Categorized Search”, and paste it in the “Symbol Number” Field or alternatively search under "Documents"


Symbol number

Comments by the Government of Algeria to the mission report A/HRC/20/17/Add.3
Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories (2011) A/HRC/20/17/Add.2
Algeria (2011) A/HRC/20/17/Add.1
Mexico (August 2010) A/HRC/17/27/Add.3
Republic of Korea (May 2010) A/HRC/17/27/Add.2, A/HRC/17/27/Add.2/Corr.1
Maldives (March 2009) A/HRC/11/4/Add.3
Honduras (November 2007) A/HRC/11/4/Add.2
Ukraine (May 2007) A/HRC/7/14/Add.2
Azerbaijan (April 2007) A/HRC/7/14/Add.3
Serbia and Montenegro (October 2004) E/CN.4/2005/64/Add.4
Colombia (February 2004) E/CN.4/2005/64/Add.3
Côte d'Ivoire (January 2004) E/CN.4/2005/64/Add.2
Italy (October 2004) E/CN.4/2005/64/Add.1
Islamic Republic of Iran E/CN.4/2004/62/Add.2
Equatorial Guinea (December 2002) E/CN.4/2003/67/Add.2
Argentina (June 2000) E/CN.4/2002/75/Add.1
Albania (May 2000) E/CN.4/2001/64/Add.1
Tunisia (December 1999) E/CN.4/2000/63/Add.4
United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (October 1999)
Ireland (October 1999) E/CN.4/2000/63/Add.2
Sudan (September 1999) E/CN.4/2000/63/Add.1
Hungary (November 1998) E/CN.4/1999/64/Add.2
Malaysia (September 1998) E/CN.4/1999/64/Add.1
Poland (May 1997) E/CN.4/1998/40/Add.2
Republic of Belarus (May 1997) E/CN.4/1998/40/Add.1
Turkey (September 1996) E/CN.4/1997/31/Add.1
Islamic Republic of Iran (January 1996) E/CN.4/1996/39/Add.2
Republic of Korea (June 1995) E/CN.4/1996/39/Add.1
Malawi (October 1994)
E/CN.4/1995/32 (Chapter III)

Request for Country visits 

Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,Ecuador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Liberia, Nepal, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Peru, Philippines, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkmenistan,Ukraine, Venezuela, Viet Nam and Zimbabwe.