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Mr. Anand Grover: Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health

Mr. Anand Grover, Special Rapporteur on right to health © OHCHRThe United Nations Human Right Council appointed Mr Anand Grover as Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health at its eighth session held in June 2008. Mr Anand Grover, a practicing lawyer in the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court of India, took up his functions as Special Rapporteur on 1 August 2008. 

Mr Grover is Director of the Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS in India, having offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore which he co-founded in 1981 with Ms. Indira Jaising, The Unit dealing with HIV/AIDS was established in Mumbai in 1998.

Anand Grover is a pioneer in the field of HIV and has handled several hundred HIV/AIDS related litigations in India. He appeared in the first HIV case relating to the HIV activist, Dominic D Souza, The Lucy D’ Souza case, challenging the isolationist Goa Public Health Amendment Act. He also fought the first case on blood transfusion in the Calcutta High Court, P v. Uol as well as successfully arguing against the patenting of anti-AIDS drug Nevirapine Hemi-hydrate.

Mr. Grover has also appeared in several well known cases as lead counsel in various public interest and human rights matters, including the first HIV case in India relating to employment law, MX v. ZY, the Bombay Pavement Dwellers case, several environmental cases including the Bhopal Gas Disaster case, the Goa Zuari Agrochemicals case, various sexual harassment cases including the India Air Hostess cases, the Shehnaaz Mudhbatakal v. Saudi Arabian Airlines, and various animal rights cases, such as the Camel case, the Kamani Tubes Ltd. Case, and the Garware Nylons Case.  He has also acted as an advocate in many important cases regarding the right to marry and the rights of sex workers, such as the Mr. X v. Hospital Z case and the Mumbai Bar Dancers case.

Supported by the Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS Unit, he drafted the HIV Bill at the request of the Government of India. The Bill is currently under consideration by the Government and is likely to be introduced in Parliament this year.

He serves as member of various renowned health boards. He was a member of the drafting group of the International Guidelines on Human Rights & HIV/AIDS and is currently a member of the Reference Group on Human Rights to Peter Piot, Executive Director, UNAIDS. He is a National Advisory Board Member of International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, a member of the World Care Council, a member of the Board of the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO), a member, National Board, AVAHAN, the India AIDS Initiative, Gates Foundation, a member of the Core Group of NGOs representatives in the National Human Rights Commission of India and the member of the National Advisory Board on HIV and AIDS set up the Prime Minister of India.

Amongst many different activities undertaken in the last few years, Mr Grover delivered the Dr Jonathan Mann Memorial Lecture at the International AIDS Conference held in Toronto in August 2006. He was also a key note speaker at the International AIDS Conference on Narcotics and Harm Reduction held in Colombo in August 2007.