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Ninth session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The dates for the Expert Mechanism's ninth session are 11 to 15 July 2016. The session will take place in Room XX at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

Provisional annotated agenda

Programme of work

Documentation for the Ninth session

Plase note that accreditation to the 9th session of EMRIP is now closed.

According to paragraph 9 of resolution 6/36, the meetings of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples shall be open to the participation of observers through an open and transparent accreditation procedure in accordance with the rules of the Human Rights Council.

Registration is open to:

  • Representatives of indigenous peoples’ organizations;
  • Representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC);
  • Representatives of NGOs not in consultative status with ECOSOC;
  • Academics and experts on indigenous peoples;
  • National Human Rights Institutions.



Please ensure that the name/s of those representative/s of the NGO already in possession of a valid UN grounds pass who plan to attend the ninth session of the Expert Mechanism, are also included in the accreditation request, with an indication that the person/s holds an annual or temporary grounds pass.

Annual accreditation with UNOG

NGOs are reminded that each year, they need to designate their President and representatives before the United Nations, by complying with the established rules and procedures available at www.unog.ch/ngo/accreditation. For more information on annual accreditation, please contact the UNOG NGO Liaison Unit, by email at ungeneva.ngoliaison@unog.ch or by phone at +41 22 917 1304 / 2178.

Each NGO in Consultative status with ECOSOC must first finalize its annual accreditation with UNOG before registering to the sessions of the Expert mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


Beneficiaries of the Voluntary Fund do not need to send the letter requesting accreditation nor complete the online registration form.

Side events

Side events for the 9th session are now fully booked. Please note that decisions by the secretariat on lunch-time events – including day and room – are final. 

Please click here to access the timetable of side events

Meetings with the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples

The Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples will hold a limited number of meetings with representatives of indigenous peoples and organisations during the 9th session. Priority will be given to those that provide a written submission related to the discussion with the Special Rapporteur. Only confirmed meetings will be accommodated based on timely submission as well as written documentation. To request a meeting with the Special Rapporteur, please consult her website.

Consultation process on the participation of indigenous peoples at the United Nations

The 9th session's programme of work includes a briefing and discussion on the consultation process to enable the participation of indigenous peoples' representatives and institutions in meetings of relevant United Nations bodies on issues affecting them. For more information on this process, please click here.

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