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Human Rights Indicators


Tools for measuring progress

Human rights indicators are essential in the implementation of human rights standards and commitments, to support policy formulation, impact assessment and transparency.
OHCHR has developed a framework of indicators to respond to a longstanding demand to develop and deploy appropriate statistical indicators in furthering the cause of human rights.

One of the recommendations of the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna was the use and analysis of indicators to help measure progress in human rights.
Several years of research and consultation went into the development of this tool. It was guided by the principles of universality, impartiality, objectivity and cooperation to strengthen the capacity of Member States in meeting their human rights obligations.
This framework is already being applied by national governments, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organisations worldwide.

Key Publication

Human Rights Indicators: A Guide to Measurement and Implementation

A Guide to Measurement and Implementation

A guide to developing quantitative and qualitative indicators to measure progress in the implementation of international human rights norms and principles.

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Feature Stories

Tracking progress in achieving human rights goals

Feature Stories
The United Nations looks beyond the Millennium Development Goals set fifteen years ago and begins work on the succeeding strategies, most importantly how to assess progress in reaching the agreed targets.

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Maps and Data

Interactive Map: Status of Ratification of Human Rights Treaties

A comprehensive data visualization portal lets you view the current status of ratification of human rights treaties.

Interactive Map: Status of Ratification of Human Rights Treaties

Map: Accreditation of National Human Rights Institutions

A map shows the current accreditation type of national human rights institutions as per the International Coordinating Committee of the National Institutions.

Map interactive

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For more information about human rights indicators please e-mail us at hrindicators@ohchr.org.