Panel Event
Tuesday 1 December 2015,
Room IX, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Regulation of private military and security companies

  • Are private military and security companies above the law? #BizHumanRights
  • How can we ensure private miliary and security companies respect human rights?
  • After Blackwater, no loopholes allowed for private military & security companies
  • As warfare is increasingly privatized, regulation - particularly for #humanrights - is an imperative
  • What access to remedy for victims of private military and security companies?



PANEL 1 - PMSC regulations at the national level

PANEL 2 - National experience of PMSC regulations

Bio Information of Panellists

Listen to the audio recording of the Panel Event: https://conf.unog.ch/digitalrecordings/index.html?guid=public/12.1150/8773ED2F-03DC-4B82-8C7A-3FC82151FACD_10h11&position=0