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The Working Group on the use of mercenaries - Members

Gabor Rona (United States) - Chairperson-Rapporteur

Mr. Gabor Rona (United States) Mr. Gabor Rona (United States), is a graduate of Vermont Law School and Columbia Law School. He is a Visiting Professor of Law at Cardozo Law School, where he teaches international human rights law and humanitarian law. He formerly served as the International Legal Director of Human Rights First and before that, was a Legal Advisor in the Legal Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva. He has published extensively on human rights and humanitarian law applicable to terrorism and counterterrorism.

Ms. Patricias Arias (Chile)

Ms. Patricia Arias (Chile) Ms. Patricias Arias (Chile) holds a Masters in Criminology from Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) and studied law at Universidad de Chile school of Law. She is a licensed Criminologist. She has focused her work on international norms and human rights standards in areas such as public and private security, gender discrimination and violence against women, child abuse, criminalized populations and the penal system, juvenile delinquency and social exclusion. She is currently a Researcher in the Centro de Estudios del Desarrollo (CED), Santiago de Chile in the Area of Public Policies and Participation, conducting research in security and violence matters.

Ms. Elżbieta Karska (Poland)

Ms. Elżbieta Karska (Poland) Ms. Elżbieta Karska (Poland) holds a Master in Law, a Ph.D in International Law, and a Habilitated Doctor of Law in International Law and European Law from the University of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland. She researches and teaches in subjects including Public International Law, Protection of Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, and International Criminal Law. She is a member of the Polish Branch of the International Law Association and has volunteered with the Polish Red Cross in dissemination of International Humanitarian Law. Currently, she is a Professor of International Law at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszński, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, Head of the Chair of Human Rights Protection and International Humanitarian Law.

Mr. Anton Katz (South Africa)

Mr. Anton Katz (South Africa) Mr. Anton Katz (South Africa), studied international law at the Universities of Cape Town (B.Sc and LLB degrees) and Columbia School of Law (LLM). His practice as a senior advocate (barrister) at the Cape Town Bar involves a range of human rights issues, principally concerning international law and constitutional law. He advises and represents clients at the highest level on mainly public law legal issues and problems. Those that consult him and those whom he represents include international organisations, States, different levels of government, non-governmental organisations and individuals. He has worked as a consultant to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime concerning the implementation of extradition and mutual legal assistance and the African Union, advising on the implementation of its Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism. Mr. Katz also presides a as a High Court judge in Cape Town on a temporary basis.

Mr. Saeed Mokhbil (Yemen)

Mr. Saeed Mokhbil Mr. SaeedMokbil holds a Masters Degree from college of International law and international relations of Kiev University and diploma in journalism from International Institute of Journalism - Berlin with 25 years of experience in human rights, including in monitoring, reporting and submitting communications on human rights violations and country reports to United Nations mechanisms. His professional experience includes positions with OHCHR, International Service for Human Rights as well as posts in diplomatic missions in Geneva and Ethiopia, and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yemen and lastly as Executive Director of the International Organization for the Least Developed Countries (non-governmental organization). He has taken part in country missions related to the mandate and has field experience from Darfur, Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen.