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The Human Rights Council in its resolution 17/6, broadly defines the mandate of the Independent Expert on human rights and international solidarity as the promotion of “the realization of the right of peoples and individuals to international solidarity.” In order to pursue this goal, the Independent Expert is authorized inter alia “to seek views and contributions from Governments, United Nations agencies, other relevant international organizations and non-governmental organizations.” The Human Rights Council reiterated its request that all States, United Nations agencies and relevant international organizations and non-governmental organizations, support the effective implementation of the mandate of the Independent Expert including through favourably responding to her requests to visit their countries in resolution 29/3.

Country visits are an important method of promoting the Independent Expert’s mandate. They focus on the collection, study and observation of information, regarding the policies and actual practices of States that are relevant to the Independent Expert’s mandate. Therefore, these country visits involve dialogue with national and regional governmental authorities, civil society and non-governmental organisations, academia and parliamentarians in order to seek their views and contributions regarding in particular, the experience and practice of human rights and international solidarity.

Brazil was the first country visited by the Independent Expert on human rights and international solidarity since the establishment of the mandate in 2005. During her official country visit to Brazil in June 2012, Ms. Dandan gathered information about Brazil’s experiences in implementing its so-called “solidarity diplomacy” which is built upon strong commitments to human rights and social development. Brazil’s initiatives on the fight against hunger, as well as agriculture and health among others, are setting a new paradigm in international development cooperation and solidarity. The country mission report was presented at the 24th session of the Human Rights Council in September 2013.

The Independent Expert will undertake her second country mission to Morocco in January 2016.

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