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UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture – Grants cycle 2014

Requests for funding should be submitted following the Guidelines of the Fund.

Kindly note, that applications for 2015 will be received through the on line Grants Management System, to be considered by the Board of Trustees at their October session. During its session, the Board reviews the narrative and financial reports on the use of previous grants, adopts recommendations on applications for new grants, meets with donors and project leaders of funded organisations, and adopts other relevant recommendations on the activities of the Fund. Grants awarded in October are to be used during the following year, in the period between January and December.

The deadline for applications for 2014 was 1 April 2013. The Board of Trustees held its 38th session from 30 September to 04 October 2013 to adopt recommendations for projects to be awarded the 2014 cycle.

Important: The Call for Applications for 2015 will be launched in December 2013, and application will be accepted from early January 2014 until 1 March 2014.

The grant cycle for the year 2014 is as follows:

Grants cycle 2014

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