UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture – Who can apply

 © « Atelier peinture de Claire Harel, association Mana, France »
© « Atelier peinture de Claire Harel,
association Mana, France »

The UN General Assembly resolution establishing the Fund, 35/151, mandated it to distribute voluntary contributions to victims of torture through “established channels of assistance”.  The Board of Trustees of the Fund has, over the years and in practice, accepted applications from a variety of channels of assistance, including, inter alia, non-governmental organizations, associations of victims of torture and/or their family members, public and private hospitals and clinics, public interest law firms and individual lawyers, legal aid clinics and grass-root and community based organizations. 

Applications by governmental, parliamentary or administrative entities, political parties or national liberation movements are inadmissible.

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Applications may be submitted between 15 January and 1 March every year
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