The Rights to Water and Sanitation and the MDGs

Human Rights Council resolution 7/22 requests the Special Rapporteur (then Independent Expert) to make recommendations that could help the realization of the Millennium Development Goals, in particular of Goal 7. To carry out this task, she consulted with numerous actors working on the MDGs related to water and sanitation and carried out research on that topic. She presented a report to the General Assembly in October 2010 analyzing the MDGs targets on water and sanitation from a human rights perspective, and made recommendations on how these targets could be better aligned with human rights criteria.

She continues to work closely with UNICEF and WHO, who run the Joint Monitoring Programme, which is responsible for reporting on progress towards the MDG targets on water and sanitation, in order to integrate human rights into MDG policy and processes. In this regard, the JMP has embarked on a process to consider new indicators for the post-2015 process guided by human rights criteria. At the first stakeholder consultation on this issue, the Special Rapporteur delivered a keynote address.

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