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Call for submission: good practices in the elimination of discrimination against women in economic and social life

As indicated in its annual report (see A/HRC/20/28 paras. 32-35), the Working Group on Discrimination against Women in Law and Practice intends to address the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice in economic and social life, in particular during time of economic crisis. The research undertaken on this topic will inform the annual report of the Working Group to the Human Rights Council in 2014 as well as the compendium of good practices.

To solicit information from a wide range of stakeholders, the Working Group has developed a questionnaire. The questionnaire is comprised of the following five sections:

Section 1 Employment in Formal and Informal Labour Markets
Section 2 Economic Occupations (i.e. non Employer Employee Relationships)
Section 3 State Services and Benefits, Pensions and Poverty
Section 4 Access to Capital Resources, Housing, Land and Family Property
Section 5 Focus Economic Crisis

The Working Group on Discrimination against Women had invited stakeholders to contribute to its 2014 report by taking an online survey on discrimination against women in economic and social life. The web link to the survey has now closed. However, the questionnaire is still available in PDF format and replies to it are very much welcomed.
Should you wish to respond to the questionnaire, and depending on your expertise and experiences, you might want to respond to only some of the questions or some of the sections of the survey. Please see the survey's introduction for further details.

Kindly sent your responses at : wgdiscriminationwomen@ohchr.org

The Working Group thanks you very much for your time and efforts.