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 Women and children wait for attention in a hospital clinic
Women and children in Senegal waiting for attention in an overcrowded health facility. A recent OHCHR workshop focused on training NGOs to better promote and protect reproductive and sexual health rights.

Workshop provides critical space for activists working on sexual and reproductive health rights

More than 25 representatives of non governmental organisations and national human rights institutions from across West Africa enhanced their understanding of human rights standards and mechanisms related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. The workshop, organized by the UN Human Rights Regional Office for West Africa and the UN Population Fund, focused on strengthening the ability of civil society groups to protect and promote sexual and reproductive health rights.
“These procedures and mechanisms will facilitate our struggle every day,” said Oumou Touré, representative of the Coalition of Women’s Organizations in Mali, who attended the training.

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 Destruction in Mosul, Iraq © EPA/STR

Living in a state of fear

ISIL has engaged in widespread and systematic human rights violations of the most serious kinds in the Syrian Arab Republic and Iraq, according to a report by the UN Special Rapporteur on countering terrorism. Civilians living under ISIL have furthermore suffered from the airstrikes conducted by the international coalition of States.

 Bangladeshi indigenous girls perform traditional dance © EPA/ABIR ABDULLAH

Protection of cultural heritage must include views of indigenous peoples

The voices of indigenous peoples need to be heard during all aspects of current and future negotiations on sustainable development and human rights, said UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussien. Zeid made his comments during the Eighth session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which took place in Geneva.

Human Rights in the news

The Philippines / Internal displacement
UN human rights expert Chaloka Beyani urges the Philippines no let-up in attention to internally displaced persons until durable solutions are attained and their futures are secured.

Mission to Myanmar
UN human rights expert Yanghee Lee starts her third official visit to Myanmar to assess the progress in the electoral process and reform in the run-up to the November elections (3-7 August).

Dutch detention
UN torture prevention experts urge the Netherlands to show more political support and develop solid legal base for the country's detention monitoring body.

Fighting human trafficking
“Fighting human trafficking is not just about law enforcement” – UN Special Rapporteur Maria Grazia Giammarinaro calls for sweeping changes in policy and on perception of trafficking.

Pakistan / Death penalty
UN rights experts urge Pakistan to halt ongoing surge in executions and to reinstate moratorium on death penalty. Over 8,000 people are currently on death row across the country.

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