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 Eritrean refugees sleep on the sidewalk of a street as they wait for help from UNHCR in Sana’a, Yemen, 03 May 2014. © EPA/YAHYA ARHAB
Reports state over 210 Eritrean refugees, including women and children, called on the UNHCR to provide protection and assistance, most of them alleging having fled to Yemen to avoid forced military service.

Eritrea UN Commission of Inquiry: “time for true commitment and real change”

The Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea presents a 500-page report to the Human Rights Council, detailing 20 years of “repression and fear”, and widespread, systematic and grave violations such as extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture, unlawful detention, sexual violence and forced labour.

“Since independence, ultimate power in Eritrea has remained largely in the hands of one man and one party. Those in control often rule arbitrarily and act with impunity,” said Commission Chairperson, Mike Smith. “The Eritrean people have no say on governance and little control over many aspects of their own lives.”

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 (Group of women displaced by Boko Haram in Nigeria. © Credit EPA/STR

UN Human Rights Office researches abuses of Boko Haram

The atrocities and human rights abuses committed by Boko Haram are the focus of a special investigation by the UN Human Rights Office. The investigation, authorized by the Human Rights Council earlier this year, will interview provide background information for an oral report by the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

 A man and a woman use their smartphones as they wait at a train station in Bangkok, Thailand, May 2015 © EPA/ NARONG SANGNAK

Human rights, encryption and anonymity in a digital age

Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, says States must respect privacy in digital communications to safeguard individuals’ freedoms of speech and opinion.

Human Rights in the news

Boko Haram
"The violations committed by Boko Haram are extensive and far-reaching, demanding a response of commensurate magnitude," says High Commissioner Zeid at the 29th session of Human Rights Council.

Joint statement on South East Asia
Joint Statement by UNHCR, OHCHR, IOM, the SRSG for Migration and Development and UNODC calling for a comprehensive people-oriented approach to the irregular movement of migrants and refugees in South East Asia.

High Commissioner in the Republic of Korea
Opening remarks by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein at a press conference during his mission to the Republic of Korea

Racial and ethnic profiling
States must step up efforts to counter the widespread practice racial and ethnic profiling, says the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, Mutuma Ruteere.

Death penalty in the US
The UN Special Rapporteurs on summary executions and torture urge the US Government to adopt a federal moratorium on the imposition of the death penalty with a view of abolishing it.

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