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 View of the Yazidi refugee camp near the Iraqi border crossing of Zakho, northern Iraq, 18 August 2014
A general view of the Yazidi refugee camp near the Iraqi border crossing of Zakho, northern Iraq, 18 August 2014

Human Rights Council convenes a Special Session on abuses committed in Iraq by ISIL

The Human Rights Council holds its twenty-second Special Session on the human rights situation in Iraq in light of abuses committed by the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and associated groups.

The UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights in her address to the Council expressed concern at the systematic and intentional attacks on civilians during the current conflict that could amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In a resolution, the Council requests the UN Human Rights Office to dispatch a fact-finding mission to Iraq to investigate the violations.

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 A civilian search and rescue team on the scene minutes after a government air strike in Aleppo, Syria, February 2014 © EPA/Ali Mustafa

Syria’s brutal war threatens international peace and security

The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic says the continuous influx of foreign fighters and the advances of extremist groups has contributed to a spill-over of violence affecting international peace and stability.

 A woman holds a 'Stop Racism Now' sign at a rally, New York City, September 2004 © EPA/PETER FOLEY

NGOs urge US to implement recommendations of UN anti-discrimination body

United States NGOs discuss with UN Human Rights senior official discrimination in the criminal justice system, gun violence, indigenous issues and voting rights for racial and ethnic minorities.

Human Rights in the news

Special Session on Iraq
Deputy High Commissioner Flavia Pansieri reports to the Human Rights Council with the litany of recent and ongoing violations and abuses in Iraq. She urged the international community to ensure accountability, humanitarian assistance and protection for civilians in Iraq.

UN report on human rights in Ukraine
Intense fighting, including the use of heavy weaponry by both sides, in densely populated areas of eastern Ukraine, has increased the loss of civilian life, with an average of around 36 people being killed every day, says a new UN human rights report on Ukraine.

UN rights experts on Iraq
UN human rights experts on Monday expressed grave concern over the current situation in Iraq which has rapidly escalated into both a human rights and a humanitarian emergency.

Do more to protect journalists
Attacks on reporters covering conflicts harm us all, freedom of expression experts say, as they call for greater protection for journalists.

Victims of Enforced Disappearances
Two UN expert groups call on States “to remove all obstacles” to aid search for the disappeared, including through the opening of all archives -especially military files.

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