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 Portraits of victims of femicide carried through the streets of Guatemala City, 2010. © EPA Ulises Rodriguez
Portraits of victims of femicide carried through the streets of Guatemala City on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in 2010
  © EPA Ulises Rodriguez

Ending impunity for femicide across Latin America

Investigators and prosecutors in Latin America now have a guide to assist in investigation and prosecution of femicide – the killing of women because they are women.
Globally, its estimated more than 65,000 women and girls are murdered every year, accounting for almost a fifth of all homicides.

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 Students from the University of Nairobi celebrate their graduation © University of Nairobi

The study of human rights becomes a core subject in Kenyan universities

The United Nations Human Rights Office and the University of Nairobi have initialled an agreement ensuring human rights has a place in the curriculum for undergraduate students.

 Athletes in wheelchairs cross the start line in the annual Beirut International Marathon, Lebanon 2013 © Wael Hamzeh

Campaigning for the rights of the disabled in the Arab region

Advocates for the human rights of disabled people from the Arab region came together recently and agreed that in general, their equal access to the full range of human rights is not fully acknowledged and funding for the needs of the disabled is inadequate.

Human Rights in the news

Widespread persecution in Iraq - Pillay
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay condemns the appalling, severe, systematic deprivation of human rights in Iraq by ISIL (the self-proclaimed “Islamic State”) and associated forces, which are ruthlessly carrying out widespread ethnic and religious cleansing.

Mission to Ukraine, new human rights report
UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic visits Ukraine from 28 August to 3 September. A new report on the human rights situation in the country will also be released on Friday, simultaneously in Kyiv and Geneva.

Access to Israel and the OPTs
UN expert Makarim Wibisono requests access to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to gather first-hand information on the impact of current hostilities on human rights.

Business and human rights
Human rights and open dialogue must lead Azerbaijan’s economic development agenda, say the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights at the end of an official visit.

Over 191,000 killed in Syria
High Commissioner Navi Pillay castigates the "paralysis" in the international community on the situation in Syria, as a new UN study indicates that over 191,000 people were killed in the country between March 2011 and the end of April 2014.

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