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 Somali women's groups campaign against Female Genital Mutilation © EPA/Stringer
Somali women's groups campaign against Female Genital Mutilation  Somalia has the highest rate of FGM in Africa: an estimated 98 percent of women there have undergone the procedure
© EPA/Stringer

Eradicating harmful practices against women and girls

Two of the UN human rights expert committees have joined forces to assist States to put an end to harmful practices primarily affecting women and girls. 
The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination again Women and the Committee on the Rights of the Child focused on female genital mutilation, so-called honour crimes, forced and early marriage and polygamy – harmful practices, which continue to be widespread in many regions.

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 Diane was trafficked and forced to work in domestic servitude for two years before she escaped. © Comité contre l’Esclavage Moderne

Trafficking for forced labour: Diane’s story

“I worked 19 hours, every day of the week, for a monthly salary of 45 euros.” Diane was trafficked from her home country and then forced to work as a domestic slave. She eventually managed to rebuild her life with the help of an NGO supported by the UN Slavery Fund.

 Muslim women praying in the yard of Moscow’s mosque © EPA/VLDIMIR MASHATIN

International Forum of Muslim women discusses their human rights

The first international forum on Muslim women was held in the Republic of Tatarstan, home to the Russian Federations’ largest Muslim community.

Human Rights in the news

Violations persist in eastern Ukraine
Civilians have continued to be killed, unlawfully detained, tortured and disappeared in eastern Ukraine, and the number of internally displaced people has risen considerably despite the announcement of a ceasefire on 5 September, according to a new UN human rights monitoring report.

LGBTI in the Gambia
High Commissioner Zeid criticizes harsh a harsh legal amendment, violence and arrests targeting gay men and lesbians in the Gambia. He also expresses alarm at reports of a wave of arbitrary arrests and detention of individuals perceived to be homosexual.

Iraq: Zeid speech to Security Council
UN Human Rights Chief implores Security Council to support efforts to overturn ISIL’s ideology of violence and death

Zeid signs agreement with IACHR
UN Human rights Office and Inter-American human rights systems sign joint declaration on collaboration

Indigenous peoples in Paraguay
UN Special Rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz will visit Paraguay to assess the indigenous peoples’ participation and their rights to land and resources (21-28 November).

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