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Death chamber
About 140 of the 193 States Members of the UN have abolished the death penalty or introduced a moratorium either legally, or in practice.
© EPA/Paul Buck


In 2010 and 2011, many UN Member States took concrete steps to abolish the death penalty, says a senior official with the UN Human Rights Office. However, only 73 States have so far ratified the only international treaty aiming at the abolition of the death penalty.
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Group of children in a small town of South Sudan © EPA/Stuart Price

Seeking justice for children during and after armed conflict

A UN publication examines how children can seek justice for violations suffered during armed conflict and explores the responsibility of children who have committed criminal acts while associated with an armed group.
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Journalists scrambling for information in Mexico City, Mexico, 10 February 2011 © EPA/Mario Guzmán

Journalism - one of the world’s most dangerous professions

Human rights chief Navi Pillay says States have an obligation to end impunity for attacks against journalists.
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