Information for Languages and Fonts

As far as languages/dialects and fonts are concerned, this website draws from the following resources:  

Language Information

The following information sources were used to compile the linguistic and geographic sources of languages.

"ETHNOLOGUE Languages of the World"- Fifteenth Edition (2005)
Website: http://www.sil.org/ethnologue/ 

Website: http://www.iLoveLanguages.com 

The Languages of the World by Computers and the Internet
Website: http://www.threeweb.ad.jp/logos/index.html

"Countries, Peoples and Their Languages - The Geolinguistic Handbook"
By Erik V. Gunnemark
Distribution: GEOLINGUA (Stig G. Gunnemark),
Bergkristallsgatan 20
S-421 51 Gothenburg - Sweden Web


The UNICODE Standard
Website: http://www.unicode.org/ 

Dr. Berlins Foreign Font Archive 
Website: http://moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/DrBerlin/user.dtcc.edu/_berlin/fonts.html 

Fonts in Cyberspace
Website: http://www.sil.org/computing/fonts/index.htm