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Le HCDH en Equateur (2006-2007)


Following OHCHR regional consultations in September 2005, OHCHR country engagement with Ecuador should focus in the administration of justice, as one priority national human rights protection system. In this connection and as provided for in the High Commissioner's Strategic Management Plan 2006-2007, OHCHR is to deploy during the second-half of 2006, a senior Human Rights Officer to advise the UN team (UNCT) on a human rights-based programming to strengthen the Judiciary in Ecuador . According to Project GLO/06/HC-AH/03 -CBFOB/Ecuador, this Human Rights Officer will also provide support to national interlocutors on how to better close protection gaps capacities and knowledge gaps within the Administration of Justice to better protect human rights.

Consultations with the UNCT in Ecuador have shown that there is a field of common interest and demand for further support the on-going process of reform within the Administration of Justice in Ecuador . OHCHR previous cooperation with the country has included the support to the National Plan on Human Rights, the Andean pilot on indigenous and afro descendent people's rights based on the joint PNUD-OHCHR Human Rights Strengthening (HURIST) Project. More recently, in a joint effort with UNDP-Ecuador, OHCHR successfully supported the un observation and monitoring process ( veeduría ) related to the selection and appointment of the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice of Equateur. 


Programme 2006-2007

OHCHR cooperation will focus on the strengthening of the Administration of Justice in Ecuador as one priority national protection system. To this end, the Human Rights Officer's primary tasks will be to assess those priority areas of cooperation in the Administration of Justice to better close implementation (knowledge, capacity, commitment and security) gaps to fulfill their obligations for the effective protection of right-holders.

Within the context of the Action 2 of the Secretary-General's reform programme, the Human Rights Officer will advise and support the un Resident Coordinator in their efforts aimed to the strengthening of the Administration of Justice. To this end, he/she will elaborate a concept paper with human rights guidelines for the use of the UNCT as well as other cooperation actors to better support the Judiciary in Ecuador (the European Commission, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, among others).

In line with the High Commissioner's Plan of Action, the Human Rights Officer will also work for the empowering of civil society and other right-holders to increase their participation in the reform process of the Administration of Justice. In order to accomplish this, he/she will also prepare and distribute monitoring reports and bulletins on the on-going process of strengthening and reform within the Judiciary with a view to keep acknowledgeable all concerned actors in the Judiciary reform, including civil society and other right-holders.

Civil society organizations in the different regions will be identified and given the possibility to share their views, concerns and proposals to further strengthen the Administration of Justice. In this regard, several consultation and training workshops will be conducted throughout the different provinces.


Résultats escomptés

Enhanced capacities of the country in the area of Administration of Justice to better ensure the human rights protection of right holders.

Civil society and other right-holders empowered to increase their participation in the reform process of the Administration of Justice.

Enhanced capacity of the UNCT (and other international cooperation actors) in Ecuador to use a human-rights based approach while assisting national interlocutors in the strengthening of the Judiciary.



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