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Photographs of Khmer Rouge victims on display at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia. A project there receives funding from the UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture.
© EPA/Mak Remissa

Rebuilding lives torn apart by torture

“Victims never want to talk about their problem. They want to stay silent. Through our project, we empower them, so they have an opportunity to regain their courage and talk,” said Sotheara Chhim, the executive director of the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization, an NGO that provides rehabilitation and support to victims of torture in Cambodia.
Chhim is one of 13 grantees who will be in Geneva this week to attend the meeting of UN Fund for Victims of Torture. The meeting provides a chance for experts and board members to exchange ideas and best practices.

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 Group of children sitting on ground playing cards © Credit EPA/MONEY SHARMA

Children living on the street to receive special focus

The Committee on the Rights of the Child is developing a General Comment on Children in Street Situations. The Comment, which is a comprehensive review of how the Convention on the Rights of the Child can be applied to children living on the street, was prompted by a recommendation of a report by the UN Human Rights Office and the Consortium for Street Children.

 Woman crying during a “Bring Back our Girls” protest in Maiduguri, Nigeria, 09 May 2014 © EPA/STR

Human Rights Council calls for the investigation of the atrocities committed by Boko Haram

The UN Human Rights Council calls for the investigation on the atrocities committed by the Boko Haram insurgent group and its effects on human rights in Nigeria and countries of the Lake Chad Basin.

Actualités des droits de l'homme

“Callous” EU politics on migrants – Zeid
In the wake of the loss of 700 or more lives after a boat carrying migrants capsized at the weekend, High Commissioner Zeid urges EU governments to take a “more sophisticated, more courageous and less callous approach” to coping with the flows of migrants towards Europe.

Visite du Haut-Commissaire en Tunisie
Au terme de sa visite en Tunisie, le Haut-Commissaire a salué la détermination du peuple tunisien à défendre fermement les aspirations aux droits de l'homme qui ont déclenché la transition de 2011 dans le pays, et ce en dépit de nombreux défis et obstacles potentiels.

Le Haut-Commissaire au Burundi
Avec une série d’élections clés prévues entre mai et août, le Burundi vit un moment critique de son histoire, a indiqué le Haut-Commissaire lors de la conférence de presse organisée à l’occasion de sa mission dans le pays.

A group of United Nations independent experts welcomes the recent decision by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to suspend death sentences imposed by military courts.

Deaths at sea
Repression of irregular migration clearly cannot be the only solution to the recurrent grave problem of masses of people drowning at sea, say UN experts.

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Open-ended intergovernmental Working Group to elaborate a legally binding instrument on transnational cooperations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights / 1ère session
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