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 A Yemeni child appears in court to prosecute her father for making her marry a 30-year-old-man, in Sana'a, Yemen, 2008
 “The justice system is by nature complex and sophisticated but for children it is a labyrinth and very often a frightening setting and they don’t understand anything about it,” said Marta Santos Pais

Access to justice for children

“Access to justice is not only a fundamental right in itself, it is also a prerequisite for the protection and promotion of all other human rights,” said the UN Human Rights Deputy, Flavia Pansieri.
An international forum to discuss various national and regional initiatives, to improve children’s access to justice, was organized by the UN Human Rights Office in order to identify best practices and remaining challenges in realizing children’s access to justice.

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 An elderly couple selects ears of maize in their family farming plot in Csanadpaca, Hungary, 2002 © EPA/STR

Local and small-scale farming: a solution to hunger and malnutrition

Over the past fifty years, there has been significant progress in boosting agricultural production, however this has hardly reduced the number of people whose right to food remains unrealized and who suffer from hunger and malnutrition, states a recent report by the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter.

 OHCHR Management Plan for 2014-2017 © OHCHR

UN Human Rights Chief launches new management plan

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay presented the OHCHR Management Plan for 2014-2017 to Member States at the United Nations in Geneva.

Actualités des droits de l'homme

Ukraine report
Misinformation, propaganda and incitement to hatred need to be urgently countered in Ukraine to avoid further escalation of tension, a report from the UN Human Rights Office says.

Minority rights in Ukraine
UN Special Rapporteur Rita Izsák calls for stronger minority rights guarantees to defuse tensions in Ukraine and urges all parties to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Torture in detention in Syria
Navi Pillay condemns the rampant use of torture in detention facilities across Syria by Government forces and some armed opposition groups, as OHCHR issues a paper containing detailed testimony from victims and witnesses.

Impunidad en Honduras
“La impunidad perpetúa la violencia contra periodistas y defensores de derechos humanos en Honduras”, advierten los Relatores Especiales Frank La Rue y Margaret Sekaggya.

Mexico / Torture
UN Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Juan E. Méndez, announces official mission to Mexico (21 April - 2 May 2014).

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