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Notre action pour le changement

The latest signatories to the Geneva Pledge on Human Rights and Climate Action after a ceremony in Geneva. Human rights must be at the heart of any climate change actions taking place at COP 21 in Paris, OHCHR officials said.

Human rights must be part of any climate change agreement in Paris

“Climate change is principally caused by the actions of human beings,” said Craig Mokhiber, head of the Development and Economic Social Issues division for the UN Human Rights Office. “It is a direct result of policies and practices. And if you hold this against the obligation of all States in the world to promote and protect human rights. . . we believe there has been a direct breach of those rights.”
Mokhiber made his comments ahead of the 21st UN Climate Change Conference, also called the Conference of Parties (COP 21), to take place in Paris this week. In addition, 30 States have signed The Geneva Pledge on Human Rights and Climate Change, showing their support for human rights in the run up to the COP 21 negotiations.

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 Carrara Stadium in Australia, which will expand in capacity to accommodate the Commonwealth Games 2018 © EPA/DAVE HUNT AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND OUT

Mega-sporting events must not undermine human rights

The need to avoid adverse human rights impacts of mega sporting was the focus of a panel discussion during the fourth UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva. The discussion on identifying solutions to key human rights challenges associated with mega sporting events brought together stakeholders from across the event spectrum including host countries, sponsors and organizers.

 A rape survivor sat on a bench at the Kyeshero Hospital in Goma, DRC Congo, 4 December 2007 © EPA/KIM LUDBROOK

Legal clinics bring justice and rehabilitation to victims of sexual violence in DR Congo

The UN Joint Human Rights Office in the DR Congo supports victims of sexual violence through grassroots organizations that provide direct legal assistance, free of charge, for survivors and their families.

Actualités des droits de l'homme

Venezuela political assassination
In the wake of the assassination of a Venezuelan opposition leader, Luis Diaz, the High Commissioner has called on Venezuelan authorities to ensure that political opponents, human rights defenders and others facing threats in relation to their work are adequately protected.

Des ONG réprimées au Burundi
Le Haut-Commissaire déplore la décision prise par les autorités burundaises de suspendre dix ONG, parmi lesquelles des organisations travaillant sur des questions relatives à la paix et aux droits de l’homme.

Crime-induced displacement
UN expert Chaloka Beyani calls for concrete action in Honduras to stop an internal displacement epidemic induced by organized and gang related crime and generalized violence.

“Nothing has changed” in DPRK
“Regrettably, the human rights situation in the DPRK has not improved, and crimes against humanity documented by the Commission of Inquiry appear to continue,” says UN expert Marzuki Darusman.

Brazilian mine disaster
“This is not the time for defensive posturing” – UN experts urge the Brazilian Government and relevant businesses to protect the environment and the communities exposed to toxic chemicals.

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