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Воплощение прав человека на практике

 A man lights candles in tribute torture victims in Chile
A man lights candles during tribute of victims of torture in Chile. The UN Torture Fund helps groups worldwide to assist torture victims and their families.

“Torture is a man-made disaster,” said Felicitas Treue, co-founder of Colectivo Contra la Tortura y la Impunidad, a Mexican organization that provides support to torture victims. “Wherever it takes place it is an emergency situation, because it represents an immediate threat and direct attack against the victim, their family and community.”
Treue made her comments during a public meeting on the issue of redress to victims of torture organised by the UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture. The meeting, which took place in Geneva, brought together expert practitioners in the in the field torture victims and the Fund’s Trustees to exchange knowledge and best practices.

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 Рабджиот и его отец посетили День общей дискуссии. © Найджел Кингстон

Инвалиды имеют право на инклюзивное и качественное образование

Целью мероприятия, организованного Комитетом ООН по правам инвалидов, стало обсуждение того, как претворить в жизнь инклюзивное образование.

 Группа детей сидит на полу и играет в карты © Credit EPA/МАНИ ШАРМА

Детям, живущим на улице, нужно уделять особое внимание

Комитет по правам ребенка разрабатывает Замечание общего порядка о положении уличных детей. Разработка данного замечания, которое представляет собой полноценный обзор того, как Конвенция о правах ребенка может быть применима к детям, живущим на улицах, была рекомендована докладом Управления ООН по правам человека и Консорциума в защиту беспризорных детей.

Новости в области прав человека 

U.K. tabloid hate speech
After decades of sustained and unrestrained anti-foreigner abuse and misinformation, and in the wake of a recent article in the Sun newspaper calling migrants “cockroaches,” High Commissioner Zeid urges the U.K. authorities, media and regulatory bodies to take steps to curb incitement to hatred by British tabloid newspapers.

Tanzania: people with albinism
High Commissioner Navi Pillay calls for increased protection for people with albinism, after the barbaric murder of a 40-year-old woman with albinism in Tanzania.

EU must seek durable solutions to migrant issues
The decision made Thursday by EU leaders overwhelmingly continues to focus on the securitization of borders. Increasing repression of survival migration has not worked in the past and will not work now, UN human rights experts warn.

Journalists detained in Ethiopia
The detention of the six so-called “Zone Nine” bloggers and three other journalists in Ethiopia over the past year has been “absolutely unacceptable” and particularly worrying as the country prepares to hold parliamentary elections on May 24, say two UN rights experts.

Exposure to toxic substances
“Every minute, a person dies from exposure to toxic substances at work... We should, and can, stop this preventable disaster,” says the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and hazardous substances and wastes, ahead of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, on April 28.

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Межправительственная рабочая группа открытого состава по разработке юридически обязательного документа по вопросу о соблюдении прав человека транснациональными корпорациями и другими предприятиями
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