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 “Realizing the human rights to water and sanitation”: a handbook on human rights to water and sanitation
“Realizing the human rights to water and sanitation”: a handbook providing guidance on human rights to water and sanitation
© Danuta Wojciechowska/Lupa Design

Water and sanitation rights explained

Governments, donors and other groups that want to know how to take a human rights approach to water and sanitation can find answers and assistance in one place with the launch of a handbook.
“Realising the human rights to water and sanitation” was developed by UN Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation Catarina de Albuquerque, who called it a “culmination of my work on the mandate.”

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 The Small Arms Survey monitors, evaluates and reports on the proliferation and effects of gun violence © Small Arms Survey

Small arms: A disproportionate impact on women

Arms control is a human rights issue as small arms proliferation inhibits development and humanitarian efforts, says Dr. Anna Alvazzi del Frate, Research director of the NGO Small Arms Survey. Alvazzi says information is key to helping to prevent this violence.

 Victims of forced and early marriage discuss their experiences and participate in educational activities © Trust of Programs for Early Childhood, Family and Community Education

Forced and early marriage: the story of Maysoun, a child bride

Maysoun was forced to marry at the age of 15. She was exploited, abused and when she fell ill, her husband left her. Although deeply traumatized by her experiences, Maysoun eventually recovered with the specialized assistance provided by a local non-governmental organization financially supported by the UN Slavery Fund and was able to restart her life.

Noticias/derechos humanos

Zeid urges US to tackle racism / Ferguson
High Commissioner Zeid urges US authorities to conduct in-depth examinations into how race-related issues are affecting law enforcement and the administration of justice, both at the federal and state levels, in the wake of the Ferguson Grand Jury verdict.

Release CIA abuse report - UN experts
A group of UN human rights experts urge US President Barack Obama to support the fullest possible release of the report on Central Intelligence Agency interrogation practices conducted by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, stressing that “the stakes are very high."

Kyrgyzstan / anti-gay bill
Kyrgyzstan's Parliament is urged to withdraw an anti-gay bill that would effectively "condemn LGBT people to silence" by UN human rights experts. The bill contains criminal and administrative sanctions for acts aimed at a "positive attitude towards non-traditional sexual orientation."

Torture prevention visits announced
Guatemala, Italy, Nauru and the Philippines are among the countries the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) plans to visit in 2015 as part of its mandate to prevent and eliminate torture and ill-treatment of detainees.

Punitive Demolition in OPT / Israel
The Government of Israel must end its punitive demolition of Palestinian homes in response to alleged acts of violence by Palestinians, two UN human rights experts have urged, warning that house demolition as a punitive measure is a form of collective punishment contrary to international law.


Derechos humanos por país

Acerca de la OACDH

La OACDH es la oficina de las Naciones Unidas que tiene la responsabilidad principal de promover y proteger el disfrute y la plena realización de los derechos humanos para todos...

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