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OHCHR's annual reports and plans

OHCHR Report 2014

OHCHR Annual Report 2014The OHCHR Report 2014 presents results achieved under the Office’s six thematic priorities as set out in the OMP 2014-2017. It also provides information about OHCHR management, funding and expenditure.

Previous Annual Reports

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OHCHR Management Plan 2014-2017

OHCHR Management Plan 2014-2017The “OHCHR Management Plan 2014-2017” articulates OHCHR’s priorities, expected accomplishments and strategies for a four-year period.

Previous Biennial Plans

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UN Human Rights Appeal 2015

United Nations Human Rights Appeal 2015 - The United Nations Human Rights Appeal 2015 is an appeal for support to the United Nations human rights programme. It provides information about our planned activities and budget for 2015.

Previous UN Human Rights Appeal

Annual appeal 2014
Annual appeal 2013

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OHCHR Publications and
E-Products Catalogue 2015

Cover: Catalogue 2015The OHCHR Publications Catalogue 2015 features over 150 current and noteworthy titles available in multiple official United Nations languages.

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Laws that discriminate against women
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