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 Flowers are placed at the bust of former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio Vieira de Mellow on World Humanitarian Day
On World Humanitarian Day, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and colleagues pay tribute to those who lost their lives working for human rights
© OHCHR Sandeep Prasanna

In memory of those who lost their lives working for human rights

On World Humanitarian Day, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay pays tribute to colleagues in her Office and the wider UN who have lost their lives in the course of their humanitarian work.
On 19 August 2003, 22 UN workers, including the then High Commissioner for Human Rights, Sergio Vieira de Mello, were killed when UN headquarters in Baghdad was bombed.

 Todas las historias
 Navi Pillay and Flavia Pansieri meeting with the NGOs in Geneva © OHCHR

NGOs bid farewell to High Commissioner Pillay

Geneva-based civil society organizations hold last meeting with UN Human Rights Chief, Navi Pillay, and thank her for her resolute support at the international arena.

 The UN Human Rights Office encourages more reporting on human rights across the Arab region © EPA/Nabil Mounzer

Journalists in the Arab World: the courage of speaking the truth to power

Media professionals from the Middle East and North Africa region, participating in a dialogue to encourage a human rights angle in their work, caution that an open and unrestricted environment in which to operate is an essential precondition for high standards of journalism.

Noticias/derechos humanos

Syria - Aleppo Prison inmates
A UN human rights paper details the “indescribable suffering” that detainees and prisoners at Aleppo Central Prison endured prior to and during a year-long siege by several armed opposition groups, as well as serious human rights violations and abuses by Government officials.

Persecution of rights activists
“Show leadership and reverse the trend of repression, criminalization and prosecution of human rights work in the country” – UN rights experts call on the Government of Azerbaijan.

Japan / "Comfort women"
High Commissioner Pillay expresses profound regret that Japan has failed to pursue a comprehensive, impartial and lasting resolution of the issue of wartime sexual slavery, warning that the human rights of the victims, known as “comfort women”, continue to be violated decades after the end of the Second World War.

Political detainees in Sudan
UN human rights expert Mashood Adebayo Baderin calls on the Government of Sudan for the immediate release all political detainees to enable an inclusive national dialogue.

Asylum seekers in Sri Lanka
UN human rights experts alarmed at the situation of Pakistani asylum seekers in Sri Lanka who are being detained and forcefully deported to Pakistan without assessment.

Comité para la Eliminación de la Discriminación Racial
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PN Room XX
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PW Ground Floor / PW 1st Floor
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Palais des Nations, Room XX
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PN Room XX
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PW Ground Floor
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PW Ground Floor (weeks 2-4)
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PN Room XX
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PW 1st Floor
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PW Ground Floor
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PN Room XI
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PN Room XX
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PW 1st Floor
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PN Room XX
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PN Room XX

Derechos humanos por país

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