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UN Human Rights seeks the implementation of human rights standards in the daily lives of all people everywhere. Working towards this goal, it collaborates with Governments, parliaments, judicial authorities, police and prison officials, National Human Rights Institutions, NGOs and a broad range of other civil society actors, in addition to United Nations partners, to build awareness of and respect for human rights. OHCHR empowers individuals to claim their rights and assists States in upholding their human rights obligations.

Work Method

The work of UN Human Rights encompasses three broad areas: human rights standard setting, monitoring and supporting the implementation of human rights obligations by States. Substantive and technical support is provided to the various UN human rights bodies as they undertake their standard-setting and monitoring duties. Knowledge and awareness of all human rights, whether civil, cultural, economic, political or social rights, are deepened and the capacity of rights-holders and duty-bearers are strengthened through applied thematic research and analyses, methodologies, development and training. International human rights experts are also deployed to field offices and other missions, including in circumstances of crisis, to assist countries that are working to fulfil their human rights obligations.

The work of UN Human Rights is based on the Office’s Management Plan (OMP), which guides implementation of the Human Rights Programme of the Secretary-General’s Strategic Framework. By aligning the whole Office to a common set of results connected with the various components of its mandate, the OMP enhanced the Office’s effectiveness in implementing the Strategic Framework, increasing synergies across functions and ensuring the best possible use of available resources.


UN Human Rights is partially funded from the United Nations regular budget and partially through voluntary contributions from donors, the majority of which are Member States. Learn more about our funding and budget

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Standing up for your rights
Standing up for your rights

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