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OHCHR in Papua New Guinea


OHCHR deployed a Human Rights Adviser (HRA) to Papua New Guinea in 2008, to support efforts to mainstream human rights in the UNCT and engage with the PNG government to strengthen national human rights protection systems. The Human Rights Adviser’s Unit co-chairs the Human Rights Forum with the Department of Justice and Attorney General and coordinates human rights activities in accordance with the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (2015-2017).

The thematic priorities of the Human Rights Adviser are: widening the democratic space; countering discrimination; combating impunity, strengthening accountability and rule of law, and strengthening the effectiveness of international human rights mechanisms and the progressive development of international human rights law.


1. Widening the democratic space: The HRA Unit advocates for the establishment of a National Human Rights Commission, including through providing legislative advice.  The HRA Unit works to mainstream human rights in activities conducted under the UN Peacebuilding Fund in Bougainville. It also leads the protection cluster as part of disaster preparedness and response.

2. Countering discrimination: The HRA Unit provides technical advice and training to Human Rights Defenders, including those working to address gender based violence. The Unit advocates for the government to comply with international human rights standards on asylum seekers, and in relation to protection of individuals granted refugee status.

3. Combating impunity, strengthening accountability and rule of law: The HRA Unit collaborates with the Royal PNG Constabulary to develop and roll out human rights training for police officers, and works with the Ombudsman Commission on detention monitoring. The HRA Unit provides technical advice to support government led efforts to combat violence stemming from allegations of sorcery and witchcraft. This includes support to the draft National Action Plan on sorcery accusation related violence, in particular in the area of rule of law and protection.  The HRA Unit advocates for the abolishment of the death penalty, and conducts related research and awareness-raising.

4. Strengthening the effectiveness of international human rights mechanisms: The HRA Unit works with the Department of Foreign Affairs to support PNG’s reporting to the Universal Periodic Report and international treaty bodies. The Unit supports visits by independent UN experts. It also conducts activities to strengthen the capacity of civil society to engage with these processes.  It supports the PNG Human Rights Film Festival, raising awareness on selected human rights topics. (For more on the festival visit or

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Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD)
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Asia Pacific Section
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Human Rights Advisor

Human Rights Adviser
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
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