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OHCHR in Tunisia


In January 2011, Tunisia became the first country in the MENA region to change its autocratic regime through a widespread and peaceful popular uprising. Following this major transformation, an OHCHR assessment mission was dispatched to Tunisia by the High Commissioner in order to assess how the Office could accompany national efforts towards the establishment of a democratic society in Tunisia. Subsequently, and as per the invitation of the Tunisian Transitional Government, an OHCHR Country Office was established in Tunisia in April 2011 and inaugurated officially by the High Commissioner on 13 July 2011.  


The Tunisia Office enjoys a full mandate to protect and promote human rights.  It focuses its activities on a broad number of human rights issues, including strengthening accountability and the rule of law; combatting inequalities and poverty; increasing engagement with international human rights mechanisms; and monitoring the country�s compliance with its international human rights obligations. Throughout its various activities, the Office supports national stakeholders� efforts towards the establishment of an effective national human rights protection system, including through the provision of technical cooperation projects, capacity building programs and other relevant activities. This role is undertaken with an inclusive approach that ensures the participation of all relevant stakeholders, in close cooperation with the United Nations Country Team (UNCT). Whenever possible, the Office also aims to reach out to groups living and working in the country�s rural areas, which experienced social, political and economic marginalization in the past.

Activities pursued by the Tunisia Office include: building and strengthening national capacity to increase compliance of the justice system, law enforcement, correction and prison administration with international human rights standards; providing technical assistance to the Tunisian National Human Rights Institution to ensure its compliance with the Paris Principles; supporting the establishment of a transitional justice mechanism in accordance with international human rights standards to monitor and investigate human rights violations and promote accountability; strengthening national protection systems and support the development and monitoring of public policies for the protection of vulnerable groups including women, youth and migrants; and  ensuring increased compliance of UN human rights mechanisms and bodies (UPR, Treaty Bodies, and Special Procedures).

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Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD)
Contact is in Geneva, Switzerland.
Middle East and North Africa Section
Tel. + 41 22 917 9777


Rue du Lac de Windermere
Immeuble Prestige Business Center � 1er �tage
Tour A
Les Berges du Lac 1, 1053 Tunis
Tel: (+216) 71.286.900 and
(+216) 71.286.270
Fax: (+216)

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