Written submissions regarding the Draft Guiding Principles for the Search for Disappeared Persons

Written contributions received:

1. NGOs

Date of Submission
Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo 24 January 2019 E-S
African Network against Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances (ANEKED)24 January 2019 E
ANAPRODH-Cameroun 4 January 2019 F
ARMH – Catalunya20 January 2019 S
Asia Justice And Rights AJAR25 January 2019 E
Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances25 January 2019 E
CADHAC y CEDEHM 26 January 2019 E
Campaña Nacional contra la Desaparición Forzada en México CNDF 22 January 2019 S
Centro de Derechos Humanos Paso del Norte, México 15 January 2019 S
Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales CELS 25 January 2019 S
COFADEH Honduras23 January 2019 S
COMISEDH Peru26 January 2019 S
Comité de Derechos Humanos de Base de Chiapas Digna Ochoa28 January 2019 S
Coordinación Colombia - Europa - Estados Unidos - CCEEU26 January 2019 S
Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos CNDDHH Peru 25 January 2019 S
ECCHR -Berlin 7 January 2019 A
Equipo Argentino de Antropología Forense EAAF24 January 2019 S
EQUITAS25 January 2019 S
Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala 12 January 2019 S
Foundation for Justice and Democratic Rule of Law 26 January 2019 E
I(dh)eas28 January 2019 E
IOHRD24 January 2019 E
Madres de Plaza de Mayo22 January 2019 S
Movimiento Nacional de Victimas de Crimenes de Estado de Colombia24 January 2019 S
Romanian Independent Society of Human Rights –SIRDO2 February 2019 E
Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS)30 January 2019 E
Trudy Huskamp Peterson, (Past chair, Human Rights Working Group, International Council on Archives- Acting Archivist of the United States 1993-1995)22 January 2019 E
Truth Now Cyprus25 January 2019 E

2. UN & specialized agencies

Date of Submission
UNICEF 29 January 2019 S
ICRC 29 January 2019 1-2
OHCHR Mexico 17 January 2019 S


Date of Submission
NHRI Mexico22 January 2019 S: 1-2-3

4. - Intergovernmental Organizations

Date of Submission
International Commission on Missing Persons ICMP26 January 2019 E
Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos CIDH10 February 2019 S

5. State

Date of Submission
Argentina8 February 2019 1-2-3
Austria1 February 2019 E
Colombia1 February 2019 S
France8 March 2019 F
Morocco19 February 2019 F
Peru14 February 2019 S
Sri Lanka25 January 2019 E
Ukraine14 February 2019 E
Ecuador8 March 2019 S

6. Academia

Date of Submission
Bournemouth University, UK 24 January 2019 E
Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences 25 January 2019 E
Nestor Oswaldo Arias Avila5 February 2019 S
Stand Up for the victims of enforced disappearance

Stand up for the victims of enforced disappearance: Time to ratify the Convention! 

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