Draft General Recommendation on the rights of indigenous women and girls

Call for comments

The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women is currently elaborating a General Recommendation on the rights of indigenous women and girls.

The Committee decided to invite all interested parties to submit comments in writing on the "Draft General Recommendation on IWAG" (to be indicated in the subject title) to the following email address:

After thorough and due consideration of comments received, only the Committee will decide on the content of the final version of the General Recommendation on the rights of indigenous women and girls.

All submissions:

  • Must be submitted in one of the working languages of the Committee - English, French or Spanish;
  • Must be submitted electronically in WORD format;
  • Must be submitted in one single document indicating precisely the paragraphs on which comments are being made. Inputs submitted as a text without specific references to paragraphs or in the format of track changes to the draft general recommendation will NOT be considered, inputs must be sent in a separate document that consists of comments on paragraphs of the draft general recommendation;
  • Must not exceed a maximum of 3,300 words for all comments made;
  • Should be written in a concise and focused style;
  • Will not be translated;
  • Will be posted on the CEDAW web page devoted to the General Recommendation on the rights of indigenous women and girls. If stakeholders do NOT want their submission to be posted on the web page, this should clearly be stated in the email accompanying the submission.


Contributions must be submitted by 31 January 2022.

To facilitate the work of the Committee, this deadline will be strictly applied. No submissions received after this deadline will be considered or posted on the web page.

The text of the draft General Recommendation on indigenous women and girls can be found here: English| Français | Español .

Country-specific information