Draft General Comment on Science

Call for contributions by 14 February 2020

The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has prepared a draft general comment on science and is now seeking input from a wide range of stakeholders, including States parties.
All stakeholders, including States, UN and regional human rights mechanisms, UN organisations or specialised agencies, National Human Rights Institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), research institutions, and academics are invited to send their comments in writing to


For additional information on the background to the drafting process, and in particular the discussion day held on 8 October 2018 please consult the webpage

Submissions should:

  • Be concise and focused on the subject matter, if possible indicating precisely the section or paragraphs to which comments are being made and must not exceed 5 pages.
  • Be submitted in WORD format and in one of the official working languages of the Committee: English, French or Spanish;


Submissions will be posted on the CESCR webpage, it is therefore the responsibility of the submitting stakeholder to ensure that submissions do not contain personal identifiable information. Please note that submissions will not be translated.


Comments must be submitted by 14 February 2020. To facilitate the work of the Committee, this deadline will be strictly applied. No submissions received after this deadline will be posted on the webpage.
The current version of the draft General Comment can be found in English


Country-specific information