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Celebrating 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Pledge by Mauritius

Mauritius Flag

Acceded to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on 26 July 1990

Ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict on 12 February 2009

Ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children child prostitution and child pornography on 14 June 2011


  1. To disseminate information on the Rights and Responsibilities of children on abuse, violence , drugs and substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and child protection by holding talks, discussions and working sessions.
  2. To ensure that babies and toddlers from the age of 3 months to 3 years who come from a deprived area are taken care of by caregivers and that they participate in play and creative activities for their healthy development.
  3. To train parents from a deprived region in child-rearing skills.
  4. To have groups of children/students (including those with disabilities) attend creativity sessions during school holidays and when special events are organized for children coming from different regions island wide.
  5. To allow children to participate in creative activities, in educational tours and in exchange programmes organized by 21 Children’s Clubs.
  6. To enable existing Child Day Care Centres/Crèches that have never been registered to benefit from a financial aid to improve their compliance with norms and standards, so that they can be considered for registration by the National Children’s Council (NCC).
  7. To collect birth statistics to assess if the number of child born matches the number of birth registrations and to organise awareness campaigns.
    1. To ensure that institutions catering for children victims of violence are operating within norms and minimum standards and to ensure that all cases of violence against children in shelters and residential care institutions are attended to.
    2. To ensure that biological parents are allowed to visit their children in care institutions for later return of the children to their families and to ensure that shelters are in line with the recommendations of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, which is to strengthen policies and programmes for the prevention, recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of children victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
    3. To regularly monitor shelters and residential care institutions.
  8. To facilitate foster care for child victims of violence.
  9. To perform mentoring sessions for children in distress through regular meetings and by carrying out indoor activities.

Commemorative events at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

In June 2019:

  1. The National Children’s Council (NCC) organized an interactive session for children to express their views and concerns on Drugs and Substance Abuse/Synthetic Drugs and Family Values.
  2. In the context of 16 Days 16 Rights Campaign, the NCC carried out a sensitization campaign relevant to UN CRC in schools and colleges.
  3. In 21 Children’s Clubs island wide, group discussions, poster making and role-play were organised.

In September 2019:

  1. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare carried out an awareness programme whereby teenage girls were sensitized on several issues in order to empower them to be responsible to better manage their future.
  2. A brainstorming session/group discussion was organised on “Reflexion sur la Convention relative aux droits des enfants”.

In December 2019:

  1. The Mahebourg Children’s Club organized an inclusive programme for children with disabilities through play.

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