CRC call for submissions on its General Comment on the Rights of Adolescents

The Committee on the Rights of the Child has decided to develop a General Comment (GC) on the rights of adolescents. The experiences, opportunities and challenges facing adolescents clearly varies widely across different regions and between different groups of adolescents. The Committee is therefore seeking submissions from interested bodies and States, in all regions and from a wide range of perspectives, to inform the drafting process. 

If you have relevant research evidence, findings from consultations with adolescents, examples of laws, policies or programmes, or evidence of good practice that would contribute to the drafting process, please submit the documentation to:

The deadline for submissions is: 1st April 2015. Submissions must be in one of the working languages of the Committee: English, French or Spanish.

The Committee will draw on recent pre-existing consultations with adolescents to inform the first draft of the General Comment. However, it is proposed that once completed, a further consultation will be held with adolescents from around the world taking part in a children and young people’s conference on participation, Children as Actors Transforming Society (CATS) during July-August 2015 in Switzerland. This consultation process will provide an opportunity for their feedback on the issues addressed in the draft General Comment.

The outline scoping document for the General Comment can be found here

Country-specific information