Day of General Discussion: "Children’s Rights and the Environment" 23 September 2016 - Presentations

  1. Nicholas Rees, UNICEF: “Breath-Less: The impact of air pollution on children”.
  2. Caleb Mulenga: “Impact of lead contamination on children in Kabwe, Zambia”.
  3. Brianna Fruean: “Children at the forefront of climate change”.
  4. Rekha Dhillon-Richardson & Kelly Matheson, Our Children’s Trust: “Climate change and youth involvement”. 1-2-3-4
  5. Daniel Limpitlaw, Synergy Global Consulting: “Assessing impact children in the mining sector”.
  6. Yina Marcela Parra Chiquillo: “Conversación con Yina Marcela Parra Chiquillo. Representante del grupo de creadores culturales, Voces del Haltillo. 1-2
  7. Ignacio Packer, Terre des Hommes International Federation: “Introductory statement: UN CRC Day of General Discussion on Children’s Right and the Environment”.
  8. John Knox, The United Nations Mandate on Human Rights and the Environment: “United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment”.
  9. Joni Pegram, UNICEF UK: “Children’s rights and climate change. For every child in danger”. 1-2
  10. Juliane Kippenberg, Human Rights Watch: “Children’s exposure to environmental toxicants: Strategies to protect child rights”. 1-2-3
  11. Lilian Corra, International Society of Doctors for the Environment: “Working Group 1: Children’s exposure to environmental toxicants”. 1-2
  12. Maria Neira: “Committee on the Rights of the Child Day of General Discussion”.
  13. Nicholas Rees: “Verbatim: WG1 – Children’s exposure to environmental toxicants”.
  14. Priscila Bribiesca Rodrigues, Earth Defenders: “Effective remedies for violations of children’s rights related to ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources”. 1-2
  15. Tom Weerachat, Mekong Youth Assembly: “You do not inherit the river from ancestors, you borrow it from your children”. 1-2
  16. Ritu, Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education: “Breathing with walls, breathing with trees: Children’s exposure to toxics”. 1-2
  17. OHCHR: “Statement of the Special Rapporteur on the implications for human rights of the environmentally sound management and disposal of hazardous substances and wastes at the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child”.
  18. International Youth Network of terre des hommes: “Opening statement by children of the International Youth Network of terre des hommes”
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