Call for comments on Draft guidelines on the participation of Disabled Persons Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, National Human Rights Institutions and other stakeholders in the work of the Committee

Call for Comments:

The Committee on the rights of Persons with Disabilities (hereinafter the Committee) attaches great value to the participation of national institutions for the protection of human rights, in particular, those aligned with the Paris Principles, other independent monitoring mechanisms, disabled persons organizations, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders, in the different procedures it undertakes, in conformity with its Rules of Procedure’s rules number 30, 52, and its Methods of Work, paragraphs 41 to 53.

In addition to the fundamental principles inspiring the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (hereinafter the Convention), the Committee embraces democracy and transparency, in conformity with article 4.3 of the Convention, given particular value to the efforts to contributing with the Committee’s work by organizations representing persons with disabilities, including women and children with disabilities.

The Committee adopts the following draft guidelines to assist partners in ensuring timely and appropriate contributions.  


Comments must be submitted by 26 March 2014. Strict respect for this deadline only will ensure the Committee’s attention to the submitted documents.


  1. Autistic Minority International
  2. Australia
  3. Disability Action
  4. Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI)
  5. Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark
  6. European Disability Forum (EDF)
  7. International Deaf Development Organization (IDDO)
  8. International Disability Alliance (IDA)
  9. Swedish Disability Federation
  10. World Federation of the Deaf
  11. World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (WNUSP)

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