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Half-day of General Discussion on Women and Girls with Disabilities - 17 April 2013 (12:00-6:00 pm)

All participants in the Day of General Discussion will require accreditation to have access to the conference venue, except individuals who are already in possession of UN badges or who are already accredited for the whole 9th Session. To obtain accreditation, please fill out the accreditation form (pdf and Word), sign and send it by fax to 0041-22-917 9008, or by e-mail to In order to ensure the accreditation of participants, all requests for accreditation should reach OHCHR by 5 April 2013, at the latest. Accreditation for the Day of General Discussion within the deadline will enable participants to obtain their badges upon the issuance of the Original signed accreditation form to the UN Security at the Palais des Nations-Pregny Gate (Opposite ICRC).

Representatives of State parties, NHRIs, DPOs and NGOS who wish to make oral interventions at the Open Floor Discussions will be able to register in the conference room on 17 April 2013; a registration list will be provided. Participants making oral interventions are encouraged to provide the text of their oral intervention to the Secretariat in advance of the meetings for interpretation purposes. They should bring with them 12 copies of their statements for distribution to the interpreters.

Statement on Women and Girls with Disabilities
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Final Programme

  1. Netzwerk Artikel 3
  2. Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children
  3. Advocacy for Inclusion
  4. Center for Women Policy Studies (International Network of Women with Disabilities)
  5. National Union of Women with Disabilities Uganda (NUWODU)
  6. Bond for International Development
  7. WaterAid
  8. World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) (Word) (PDF)
  9. Advocacy for Inclusion 
  10. Women Enabled
  11. Mujeres Discapacidad Visual-Bogota, Colombia
  12. Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)
  13. Bulgaria Gender Research Foundation (BGRF)
  14. Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA)
  15. Parigual and Disability Council-In English and Spanish
  16. UK CEDAW Working Group
  17. World Blind Union
  18. Comisión de Damas Invidentes del Perú
  19. Comisión de la Mujer con Discapacidad Visual de Costa Rica
  20. World Federation of the Deaf
  21. International Network of Women with Disabilities (INWWD)
  22. Christian Blind Mission (CBM) (Word) (PDF)
  23. Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (CHRUSP) (Word) (PDF)
  24. Center for Reproductive Rights
  25. Equality and Human Rights Commission
  26. IWDA (International Women's Development Agency)-Australia
  27. PCCRPD (Philippine Coalition on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) and PAHRA (Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates)
  28. DAWN/RAFH (DisAbled Women's Network/Réseau d'Action des Femmes Handicapées-Canada
  29. Disability Rights International & MDRI (Mental Disability Rights Initiative)-Serbia
  30. ISJ (Institute for Social Justice)-Pakistan
  31. IDLO (International Development Law Organization)
  32. CIMUNIDIS (Circulo Emancipador de Mujeres y niñas con Discapacidad de Chile)
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  33. IDA (International Disability Alliance) and Submission on Indigenous Women and Girls with Disabilities
  34. Human Rights Watch
  35. Comité Español de representantes de personas con discapacidad (CERMI)

Presentations by Panellists at the Day of General Discussion

Session 1: Intersectionality of gender and disability

Session 2: Violence against women and girls with disabilities

Session 3: Sexual and reproductive rights and women and girls with disabilities

Country-specific information