Information note for NGOs on the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee


Accreditation and assistance for requesting travel visas

Pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution 5/1, the participation of NGOs in the Advisory Committee shall be based on the arrangements and practices observed by the Commission on Human Rights, including Economic and Social Council resolution 1996/31 of 25 July 1996 (paragraph 83).

In view of the current restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the 26th session of the Advisory Committee (16-20 August 2021) will be held in a hybrid format. NGO representatives may therefore choose to either be physically present in Room XX at the Palais des Nations or participate remotely via Zoom. Representatives of NGOs who choose to be physically present in Room XX will be required, for their safety and the safety of others, to be free of COVID-19 symptoms, to maintain the recommended physical distancing at all times, and to wear face-covering masks at all times.

The secretariat will communicate in due course the Zoom link(s) and detailed guidelines on how to follow the proceedings in the 6 official languages and take the floor through Zoom to those NGOs accredited to the session.

Accreditation to the session is required through INDICO. Representatives of NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC wishing to participate in the session, either in person or remotely via Zoom, are requested to register their participation with the secretariat of the Advisory Committee through the following INDICO registration page:

NGO written statements

NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC may submit written statements relevant to the work of the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee (in accordance with paragraphs 36 and 37 of ECOSOC resolution 1996/31) ahead of the relevant session.

NGOs wishing to submit written statements must send their written statement by email ( at least two weeks prior to the start of a session, clearly marking in the subject line ‘NGO written statement’.

Kindly submit your written statement in MS WORD DOCUMENT FORMAT (Font Times New Roman 10; no bold; no underline; no italics).

The Secretariat of the Advisory Committee wishes to draw the attention of NGOs to ECOSOC resolution 1996/31, which authorizes written statements of: (a) 2,000 words for NGOs in general consultative status; and (b) 1,500 words for NGOs in special consultative status and on the roster.

Written contributions from NGOs may be submitted to this session, in accordance with the Secretariat guidelines for the submission of NGO written statements to the HRC sessions, accessible at the following link: submission form.

Oral statements

Accredited NGOs may make oral statements under substantive items of the agenda either in-person from Room XX (while respecting the COVID-19 related measures in place), via pre-recorded messages, or live on Zoom. Requests for inscription on the list of speakers should be made online on INDICO at The online inscription for the lists of speakers will close on Thursday 12 August 2021 at 3 p.m. Geneva time. Please note that this requirement also applies to those participating through video-messages or live remote participation via Zoom.

Parallel meetings organized by NGOs

In view of the current restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, no parallel event may be organized by NGOs during the 26th session.