22nd session of the Advisory Committee


​The twenty-second session of the Advisory Committee will take place from 18 to 22 February 2019 in the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Chamber (Room XX) at Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

What's new

Report of the Advisory Committee on its twenty-second session (A/HRC/AC/22/2)
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Draft programme of work

Provisional Agenda (A/HRC/AC/22/1)
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Request for inputs for three Advisory Committee studies / reports (all stakeholders)

Reports, Studies and Concept Papers

Draft final report of the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee on the activities of vulture funds and the impact on human rights (A/HRC/AC/22/CRP.1)

Draft report on Negative Effects of Terrorism on the Enjoyment of Human Rights ((A/HRC/AC/22/CRP.2)

Draft report on Study on the possibility of utilizing non-repatriated illicit funds (including through monetization and/or the establishment of investment funds) (A/HRC/AC/22/CRP.3)

Draft final report on contribution of development to the enjoyment of human rights (A/HRC/AC/22/CRP.4)

Preliminary outline of the study on technical assistance and capacity building in fostering mutually beneficial cooperation in promoting and protecting human rights (A/HRC/AC/22/CRP.6)

Experts' Contribution