Forum on Minority Issues 

Minority youth: towards diverse and inclusive societies - Tenth session of the Forum on Minority Issues

Dates: 30 November and 1 December 2017
Venue: Room XX of the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

In 2017, the Forum discussions focused on finding concrete measures and recommendations for minority youth in areas pertaining to inclusive education, participation to public life, representation in  media in the digital age, and the their role on sustainable peace building and stability.

Forum posterDuring the first discussion panel, participants discussed and formulated recommendations with regard to access to education, accommodation of minority culture and language in education programmes and facilities. They also discussed on the role of informal education to sensitize youth to tolerance and to religious, cultural and linguistic diversity. 

During the second panel, participants raised the issue of political engagement of minority youth, and the importance of representation of minority youth in public institution and reflected on how to increase positive visibility of young minorities in societies.

During a discussion panel on youth and digital media, participants called for a greater efforts to ensure access to digital media for all, including marginalised minority communities, shared initiatives on how to respond to hate speech and bullying on the internet, and discussed the role of minority led media initiative to empower young minority people and to change the mainstream narrative regarding possible bias or stereotype affecting minorities.

Finally, the last panel discussion considered the role of minority youth as agents of change for peace and stability and presented recommendations regarding the need for greater consultation and participation of minority youth in conflict prevention and peace building efforts.

For background information and recommended bibliography on these thematic areas please click here.

Annotated Provisional Agenda 
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Programme of Work

List of Speakers

List of participants who took the floor
Click here to find the List of organisations which took the floor and other submissions made during the Forum.

Webcast to the 10th session of the Forum on Minority Issues:

I- item 1: Opening Meeting:  Original /English

II- Item 2: Inclusive Education to empower Minority Youth: Original /English

III- item 3: Participation of Minority Youth to public life: Original /English

Statement by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein

IV- item 4: Minority youth and the media in the digital age: Original /English 

V- item 5: Minority youth as agents of change for peace and stability: Original

VI- item 6: Closing session: Original/English

Pre-Forum Day:

A preparatory day took place on 29 November for all participants to the Forum.

10:00 - 13:00 - Room XXIV - Welcoming briefing for all participants to the Forum. The Chairperson of the 10th session of the Forum introduced the rules of procedures for the event after which civil society had the opportunity to present themselves to the Special Rapporteur on minority issues. Click here for the agenda of this session.

15:00-18:00 - Council Room (Building C, First floor) - Thematic Discussion on Racial Discrimination Civil society participants were invited to attend a thematic discussion organised by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The discussion was titled "Racial Discrimination in Today's World: Racial profiling, ethnic cleansing and current global issues and challenges". More information are available at this page.


The Chairperson's summary will be made available on this page shortly.

On 24 October, the President of the Human Rights Council appointed Mr. Tarik Kurdi, from the Republic of the Sudan, to the position of Chairperson of the 10th session of the Forum on Minority Issues. Mr. Kurdi is a retired UNHCR international civil servant, who most recently was the UNHCR country representative in Damascus, Syria (2012-15) and was the Deputy Director of the Bureau for the Middle East and North Africa at headquarters until 2016. Mr. Kurdi brings considerable skills in diplomacy, external relations and a range of skills in leadership and in conceptual and analytical thinking. He has excellent skills in strategy and donor relations. He started his UN career in 1981, and held various leadership positions in more than 10 UNHCR offices in Africa and the Middle East".

Fact sheet on the Forum on Minority Issues

This fact sheet provides practical and substantial information on how to participate to the Forum. For the 10th session, young generation were particularly encouraged to be present, take part in the discussions and provide concrete recommendations to be endorsed by the Forum.


The recommendations of the 10th session of the Forum on Minority Issues will be published on this page as soon as they are made public at the end of February 2018.

Practical information

Participants travelling to Geneva may wish to print out the following practical information, available in English, Spanish and French.

Side events

Information about the requests made tothe Secretariat of the Forum can be found here.


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