International Commissions of Inquiry, Fact-Finding missions and other Investigations



Human Rights Council holds dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Myanmar and starts dialogue with Commission of Inquiry on Syria
22 September 2020

Burundi: New Government, but no progress in sight on the human rights front
17 September 2020

Venezuela: UN report urges accountability for crimes against humanity
16 September 2020

UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria: No clean hands – behind the frontlines and the headlines, armed actors continue to subject civilians to horrific and increasingly targeted abuse
15 September 2020

UN Group of Eminent International and Regional Experts on Yemen releases their third report Yemen: A Pandemic of Impunity in a Tortured Land
09 September 2020

Libya: Bachelet appoints Independent Fact-Finding Mission experts
19 August 2020

Renewed violence and delayed implementation of the peace agreement severely threaten peace and stability in South Sudan, UN experts note
14 August 2020

Burundi needs more than a new President to break the cycle of violence, say UN investigators
14 July 2020

Rampant human rights violations and war crimes as war-torn Idlib faces the pandemic UN Syria Commission of Inquiry report
07 July 2020

UN experts* call for further and swifter measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, particularly in detention facilities in Yemen
25 June 2020

UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi: The electoral campaign is marred by a spiral of violence and political intolerance
14 May 2020

UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi recalls that transparency, compliance with international standards and humanitarian assistance are essential in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
10 April 2020

A severe coronavirus outbreak across South Sudan would have disastrous consequences for millions of vulnerable civilians, UN experts note
08 April 2020

Human rights experts call for immediate release of political prisoners and detainees in yemen given risk of spread of covid-19
30 March 2020

UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria: As global pandemic reaches Syria, fighting must stop and urgent steps taken to prevent an even greater tragedy
28 March 2020

Burundi: UN Commission of Inquiry warns that a few months before the elections, the risk of atrocities remains serious
10 March 2020

Human Rights Council holds an interactive dialogue on the situation of human rights in Myanmar, and concludes interactive dialogue on the situation of human rights in Syria
10 March 2020

UN experts say pattern of years of extreme violations in South Sudan must be reversed
09 March 2020

UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria: Unprecedented levels of displacement and dire conditions for civilians in the Syrian Arab Republic
02 March 2020

Deliberate Starvation and Corruption hallmarks of conflict in South Sudan say UN Human Rights Experts
20 February 2020

UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan: As the deadline to form the Government of National Unity rapidly approaches, much still remains to be done
07 February 2020

UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan undertakes 8th mission
05 February 2020

UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria: Parties to the conflict must act immediately and collectively to bring meaningful respite to civilians in northwest Syria
04 February 2020

“They have erased the dreams of my children”: children’s rights in the Syrian Arab Republic
16 January 2020

Myanmar Mechanism Conducts First Official Mission to Bangladesh
18 November 2019

UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar calls on UN Member States to remain vigilant in the face of the continued threat of genocide
23 October 2019

UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria: A new wave of violence is the last thing Syrians need
10 October 2019

Escalating violence and waves of displacement continue to torment civilians during eighth year of Syrian conflict
11 September 2019

UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar Hands Over to Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar
09 September 2019

Yemen: Collective failure, collective responsibility – UN expert report
03 September 2019